Image Credit: Noah Graham | Getty Images
Source: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images
Source: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

Can you smell it? Have you started to sense it? Are you beginning to visualize it? You are probably asking yourself by now, what is this Laker loving lunatic talking about?  THE PLAYOFF PUSH!! What else could it be? Maybe you haven’t been paying attention, or maybe you have been and you aren’t seeing or feeling what I am.

Regardless of which scenario best describes where you fit into this, it’s time to stop with the head scratching and the disbelief and tune into what is now becoming the best reality TV show going right now. The Lakers are making their move, and the rest of the West better get out of their way.

For those of you that may or not remember, I made the statement not too long ago that the Lakers needed to compile a record of 20-8 their remaining 28 games of the season, and the lower seeded teams needed to start tanking and tanking fast. The Lakers are 3-1 post All-Star break, and the lower seeds are playing the role of the Titanic.

Last Sunday in Dallas was an electric, playoff atmosphere. Nowitzki and Kobe trading off balance jump shots and Kobe draining some ridiculous, jaw dropping stuff that only Kobe can do. He even put on a crazy cross dribble move on Vince Carter that almost caused Vinsanity to be air lifted to Dallas Medical with a broken ankle and bruised ego. It was what we spoiled Lakers Lovers have come to expect. A vintage performance.

The lone loss since the break came the very next night in Denver. This has always been a tough place for the Lakers to win, and to play the high octane Nuggets on the second game of a back to back is a tough task for even the elite teams of the league to pull off. Don’t get me wrong, I am not making excuses for the Lakers. This was a game they needed. Your defense gives up 119 points in a game, your team won’t win many of them. Surprise, The Lakers got dumped by 11 and it could have been worse. Once again, with a .500 record within their grasp, they failed miserably.

This is where the story is going to take a turn for the better. This is the part that is going to leave your body tingling. Are you ready? OK here it is. Remember the previous reference to the lower seeded teams and how they needed to tank?  Guess what? THEY ARE TANKING!! You don’t believe me? The 8th seeded Rockets, the team the Lakers desperately need to pass for playoff entry, have lost 2 straight, and are only 2-1/2 ahead of LA. The 7th seeded Utah Jazz have dumped 3 in a row and are a mere 3 games ahead of the purple and gold.

If you really want to reach for the stars, the Warriors have a 2 game losing streak and have seen their lead shrink to 5 games over the Lakers for the 6 seed. Not to mention Portland and Dallas, the other two teams with a playoff pulse are slowly fading into life support mode.

In Paul Revere fashion, I am screaming this as loud as I can. All within ear shot, or nearest to an iPhone, iPad, or however you get news these days, listen up! THE LAKERS ARE COMING! THE LAKERS ARE COMING! No really, they really are. They are coming home for 2 games at Staples Center. T Wolves tonight, Hawks on Sunday. Hopefully, two more wins and two steps closer to the playoffs. Oh, and that much closer to a team that won’t want to see L.A.