Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Valentine’s Night Massacre.

After watching the Clippers hand the Lakers a 24 point drubbing on Valentine’s night, I wasn’t exactly filled with romance. The Lakers were dominated in every phase of the game, and what made matters worse, they looked like they were just going through the motions. The Clippers have become one of the more dominant teams in the Western Conference, and I put them in the top 3 along with OKC and the Spurs.

All that aside, I am getting a tad bit upset over the fact the Lakers are feeding into the already growing egos of the Clippers. By this I mean, the Clippers already know they are a good team. The last thing they need is for their big brothers of Los Angeles to keep rolling over for them every time they play each other. The Lakers looked so bad in this game, the refs should have stepped in and called it off.

Sure, the Lakers had some runs where they would cut into the lead, but then they would stop playing defense, or turn the ball over, or throw up an ill advised 3 pointer, or, well you get the picture. The moral of the story here is you can’t spot the other guy the first 3 letters in a game of  h-o-r-s-e when they are better than you. Adjectives that came to mind after watching this game were dreadful, disgusting, and down right nauseating. Not exactly the way you want to see your team roll into the All Star break.

End Of An Era.

As if Monday’s aren’t already bad enough for most of us working stiffs, news of beloved Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss passing away did nothing to make the day any brighter. The man was a true legend in the hearts and minds of anyone associated with the Lakers organization, whether that be front office, trainers, scouts, players, or even us fans. The mere thought that Dr. Buss would no longer be seen sitting in his leather chair from his suite high atop the Staples Center, was hard for me to imagine.

As I have said before, when I think of Dr. Buss, I am always going to think of championships. He spoiled me with Magic Johnson, SHOWTIME, hiring Pat Riley and Phil Jackson as head coaches, Shaq and Kobe, Big Shot Bob Horry, D Fish, and hanging banners and collecting trophies. The best part of all, was how Dr. Buss would share all the spoils on his team and on his fans year after year.

RIP DR. Buss. You will truly be missed.

Revenge Is Best Served Cold.

It took 13 days to accomplish it, but the Lakers got a much needed win over the hated Celtics this past Wednesday. First game back from the All Star Break, a moving video tribute to Dr. Buss before the start of the game, and a stirring speech from Kobe. Sometimes the irony of things is too much to grasp all at once. Wasn’t it a twist of fate that Boston was on the schedule this night?

Dr. Buss once said:

“One of the reasons I bought the Lakers was to beat the Boston Celtics”.

I know one thing for sure: One of the reasons I love the Lakers is because I despise the Celtics. Even better, it just so happened the guys in green had to play the night before in Denver, take a late flight into LAX, get less sleep than their old bodies would prefer, and come play the Lakers. This was poetic justice at its finest.

The Lakers did not disappoint, as they delivered a solid performance, and put the geriatrics away without much problem. Always warms my heart to see Pierce and Garnett sitting on the bench in the fourth quarter of a game they are losing and losing badly. The week provided a rainbow of emotions for Laker Nation, but the beautiful pot of gold at the end of it was worth it.