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Credit: Getty Images

Current Rotation:

Metta World Peace


The Lakers currently have only one small forward on the roster, Metta World Peace, and there are reports that they are considering amnestying the zany veteran. The Lakers need length and defense here. Shooting is a plus. This is an attractive spot for a young free agent who thinks he is undervalued, because A starting job with the Lakers is attainable on a one year deal. One of these guys may want to showcase himself in L.A., in stat-stuffing D’Antoni’s offense, to look for a big payday next summer.

Corey Brewer

Long, strong athlete. Good defender. With Igoudala leaving Denver, the Nuggets will probably offer Brewer more than the Lakers can. If the Lakers can grab him for the mini-mle, he’d be a nice addition.

Ronnie Brewer

Not very skilled, but he’s a solid athlete in his prime. Good defender (despite the way Kobe used to abuse him in the playoffs) Could provide some of the quickness and length that the Lakers need.

Luke Babbit

He’s long, young, and he can shoot. Has not been a good fit with the Blazers the past few years, so he should come cheap, but he’s still only 24 years old.

Austin Daye

Young and long. Good long range shooter. He can play some 3, and stretch 4 in small lineups. He’d be a good pickup if the Grizzlies don’t re-sign him.

Wesley Johnson

Young. Athlete. Sensing a trend here? PHX may re-sign him, they may not. Solid addition for the minimum.

Anthony Tolliver

Bit of a tweener. There were high expectations for him, that he hasn’t quite met. However, he fits D’Antoni’s style well as a long, quick big who can shoot from distance. With the ability to pad his stats a little under D’Antoni, Tolliver may take a one year deal to try to showcase himself for a payday.

My recommendation:

Corey Brewer AND Austin Day.