This is turning out to be another “Lamar Odom” re-signing process all over again. UDATE: The “compelling offer” turned out to be the Veteran’s Minimum, as it was the only amount they could offer him.

ESPN: Team president Pat Riley and owner Micky Arison met with free agent point guard Derek Fisher for three hours at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown Miami on Saturday and made Fisher a “compelling” offer, an NBA source told

  • Shawn

    D Fish will stay with the Lakers… Mark my words.

    • arkad

      Dear Shawn,
      thanks for your comment -I appreciate someone with a decent knowledge of the situation at hand.
      Some other bloggers are saying fish is only good for like a couple of shots- other than that he isn’t worth it.
      These people have there heads up their ass’es.
      You and i know Fish will sign with the Lakers – there is nothing in MIAMI that would attract him more than the situation he is in here in LA

  • Day

    If Fish wants to be more hated than LeBron, let him.

  • Armand

    the fuck?….no wayyy cannot happen

  • JJred

    If Dfish wants to leave, than let him. Steve blake needs to be our starting PG.

  • leor_77

    I’m still waiting for his 1-hour special.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    D-Fish is tooo much of a standup’s business I kno he needs 2 get paid but if this guy bolts 2 miami..then he will nvr be able 2 show his face in LA…Fish is just wrkin the phone lines right now that’s cool evry1 has 2 b level headed right now he will retire a Laker…hell Kobe will kill him b4 he gets on the plane

  • #1lakersfan

    I would like Fisher to stay with the lake show but lets be realistic the Lakers don’t want to pay him since we don’t have the money and we still need to sign players. If fish leaves well and gets more money I would understand. At the end of the year he would realize that the Lakers were the Bette team. The Lakers have the size to match up with the heat and I would rather have a 5 time champion then 3 players that Really haven’t done much and think they the shit already. I say wake up heat and remember the west is gonna be here waiting to give ya a reality check. We should add tmac and keep fish but if not bring ransom bell and sign the 2 rookies cause after the first 2 summer league games they have looked impressive.

  • Xtro

    Adios Fish. Gracias a todos

  • Lakersgeneral

    I am seriously getting pissed at this whole situation, the Lakers organization needs to pay Fisher the money he wants. He’s so important to our team. Him, Kobe, and Phil make up the heart and soul of this team.

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Hey Fish Et Tu Brute…

  • gameplan

    Miami is trying to do everything, taking some of our pieces to spoiled our 3peat. I am not saying fisher has no equal, blake is better. But fish knows our system, he knows how to play with kobe, and he maybe the lucky charm.

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      No… he’s not a lucky charm… Remembered 04, 08, we didn’t win with him as our PG. What are you talking about?

      • Touch ME

        In 04 Gary Payton was the staring PG and in 08 it was a weak front line that hurt us not Fisher you fool. Isn’t it bad enough that Pat Riley raped the Lakers future.

        • LakErS 3 pEaT

          Whoa whoa don’t be calling people names now? But wasn’t fisher on the team on 04 and 08? How do you know that Pat Riley raped us? Nothing hasn’t happen yet? Miami still needs a team…

        • LakErS 3 pEaT

          So blame it on Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom in 08? Remembered fisher was on the team in 08 too. I don’t think he’s a lucky charm…

          • LakErS 3 pEaT

            What’s so weak about Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Larmar Odom in 08? Wasn’t Fish weak too?

    • hate

      im starting to hate the Heat more than i hate the Celtics.

      • HATER

        What’s up hate I’m HATER cause I pretty much hate alot of things so change your name cause I’m the real HATER!

        • gameplan

          remember 04, we have malone that year who never won a ring, and 08 game1 and 2 was rigged.

  • Robert.

    It’s clear to me why the Heat want Fish. It’s so that he can provide them ‘info’ on the way the Lakers operate, so that they can work it in the Finals (if the Heat get there).
    It’s also intended to disrupt the whole Lakers machine. If Riley takes Fish away, he’s upsetting the existing Championship team (which took a few years to build).
    Finally, the Heat need someone who can help corral the ‘remaining’ players on the Heat. Fish is good at ‘good cop’. DWade and LBJ will be fighting for bragging rights, so they need someone like Fish to manage the team.
    This is Fish’s value to the Heat.
    But when I last checked, the Heat do not have too much more than the Lakers to shell out to him (they can use him for reasons above, but they really need some ‘more talented’ players to surround the core).
    So if Fish bolts, it’s a clear F YOU to the Lakers. He won’t get much more than what he can get from the Lakers. It would be a statement along the lines, “Hey, my ‘key shots’ won us Championships 2 years in a row – WTF – pay me what I’m worth”.
    On the flip side, the Lakers kept Odom at all costs, and although his part in the whole run last year was very helpful, he still didn’t rise up to his potential. If FIsh does the same (doesn’t keep it going), then he becomes an albatross. I don’t think that will happen, but it could.
    Then, the Lakers would really have to worry because this year they are spending what little they have left to craft a team for the next few years, which NOW has to be mindful of the Heat and it’s coming team.
    Practically speaking, Fish should stay with Lakers on Phil’s ‘alleged’ last run (although, I think that NOW that the Heat are around, and Riley might soon return to coaching, Phil has a NEW challenge – beat the HEAT – keep the Lakers ahead of this soon to be monster team). The late 2K Celtics were the last challenge for Phil, and this Heat team is the ‘next phase’. If Phil can keep ahead of that team, it would be huge.

  • trippleocho

    Fish is going nowhere.

  • T-dub

    Let his old sorry ass go! You only get 2 or three big shots out of him every 3 to five games anyway. He can’t guard anybody. Those guards in the east will abuse him. A year older and a step slower!

    • ceballos-neverforget

      Finally! some common sense about the whole situatiion. Fisher is only getting older and worse. Maybe he does just fine this year, but he’s on the decline. Yes, his leadership will be missed, but why not use the money to re-sign farmer who still has upside, and would def take a paycut to be our starter! All he’s asking for is a shot to be a leader! Give him his shot, and if he stinks, we’ve got him and Steve Blake.

      -Great point, T-dub

      • arkad

        T-Dub. Your point is understood, however, we are NOT talking about big 3-pointers against SAC or Golden State. His 3-pointers this year and last, ( 2 against ORL, 3-pt play drive against the CELTs & 4th QTR – Big 3 in Game three at Utah with 56 secs, and the one to tie in Game 7) are clutch, on the biggest stage, heck even Ray Allen after his game 2 performance couldn’t buy a “3” the rest of the series.)
        All of Phils teams have had two great players and a guy that hits big shots. MJ had Paxon, Kobe/Shag had Horry, Kobe/Gasol have FISH. Yes he is older, and a few steps behind and it showed in the season, but Derek was Key to this playoff run. There is a mental aspect to taking big shots-having the courage to do so- not many players have that. You go ahead and re-watch video of FISH on YouTube vs Orlando & Celts. Then tell me you think he is too old and should not be resigned. Like any team you have to have ALL the peices in place. He is one of the pieces.
        While he is still healthy enough to play- keep him -HE IS WORTH IT- even if it’s just for those key shots—THEY WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.
        I am not saying that the Lakers pay him everything, but to say he is only good for a couple of big shots and not worth it————-is ass-i-nine and you should look up your own A** if you feel that way.

        He’s not signing with the Heat. Buss, Kupchak, Kobe know what is needed. They will make it work. He already said money is not the object, so signing with the HEAT for the same or less while already on a Championship Team with the best player and best coach, he’s not going to bolt.

  • Touch ME

    Look guys its bad enough that Pat Riley raped the Lakers future by getting Bosh, James, and Mike Miller. Now to add insult to injury he will get Derek Fisher and use him against us if theres a Heat-Lakers Finals. This is not looking good guys.

    • HATER

      For one you are already freaking out so it’s good that you are not on the team cause you are ready to hand the title over to the HEAT. Don’t get plunked cause as much as I hate COCKSTON CELDIKS I think it will be round 3 of the rivalry and not LEBROKE, D-FAKE and BOTCH

  • Mr.Smokealat

    I havent wrote on this post since the site was called “” but if you guys think we should let Fish walk out ya’ll a bunch of idiots. Forget the big shots he’s made, he makes this team function. His the heart and reason of this team, without him whos going to check Kobe’s ego? Phil? Sasha? Artest? man ya’ll are crazy. He is just playing the fields … he will be back as a LAKER… why would ANYONE leave this team in their quest for a three peat? oh rightttt moreee money… and about his ability to guard?? look at all the great PG we played last season en route to our 16th championship… OLD MAN RELIABLE can’t knock it…

  • Lakers Reloaded

    TMaC thanks fans

    “wow! cant believe how many LA fans want me to join the Lakers!!!! yall blowin my lil twitter spot up! thanks for the love! “

  • Kobe4Life

    This is sooooooo boring! Fisher just wants to get Buss to become jealous and pay even more money to get him to stay. Im so dam tired of all this DRAMA! This is suppost to be a MANS SPORT, NOT THE WNBA. LEAVE THE DRAMA OUT OF IT. Fisher make up you’re DAM mind and lets focus on building a championship team for this up coming season. I’m ready to start the three-peat process.

  • http://lexworld Lex

    Sign Tracyns Mcgrady ………..We need T.Mac
    We need More FirePower just in case someone goes down we still he a true score on the court

  • Mamba4Life

    If fish thinks he can squeeze more money from Buss by doing this flirting, he’s wrong.. if he ends up in Miami, his value for Lakers community will drastically decrease, mark my words. He should look at the mirror and see the facts already. Nobody in the league will give him 5 million. He’s 36, he’s washed up.. he hardly contributes in regular season, ok he’s valuable, he’s clutch in playoffs.. but if Phil is taking paycut, so should he.. I don’t know his little daugther’s situation.. he might think of his children in this decision but in this era everything is business.. Buss is not a Arab shiekh, so I’d understand if he said I have don’t enough money to throw around.. so should Fish.

  • yessie.

    With all the respect in the world,some of you think with your ass seriously!! Many of you are discussing his downfalls during the season, his age, yeah yeah but Let’s go back in time yeah? To all the Fisher complainers, that he should leave, that he isnt needed & what not, this is for you!!!. Can you guys recall Finals – Game 3 June 8,2010? because I sure can. Last time I checked he scored 11pts in the final qtr. It’s not the first time nor the last time that he has kicked in and led the Lakers to win. He might not be great during season, but he does show up in the playoffs were those games matter the most. He is significant to this team and if you don’t think that way, then too bad. It’s fkkn ridiculous how you can be a Lakers fan & not see how important it is to bring fisher. You deserve to get slapped in the head & Thanks to his “old ass” this team has came far ever since he returned to LA. Respect him, just like everyone respects Kobe. Besides at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what You think or What I think. Thank you very much!!

  • Emily

    Fish will not and cannot leave. Sure, a “more athletic and younger” PG is needed sooner rather than later . . . but he has the veteran experience that lacks on other teams. Besides, didn’t he leave Utah for less pay, so he could come to LA for the doctors because of his daughter? Fish doesn’t strike me as the greedy type. I trust he’ll make the right decision and stay in LA. Seriously. Fish needs to retire a Laker and become a Laker coach.

  • Will

    Lets be realistic. If Fish doesn’t sign with the lake show because we can’t pay him what he asks for, which is $4 – $5 million a year, then there is no way the Heat will be able to sign him. How much money does the Heat has left if they go ahead with Mike Miller? Almost nothing?

  • lakers0828

    Bye Bye Fisher

  • justdogm1

    hey martard, donate some of your food stamps ,you know the mambaby won`t…fish needs the cash.

  • http://TLN DanG13

    BIG mistake if the Lakers don’t sign Fish!!! He does so many things besides hitting BIG shots for us, like leadership, expierence & being a coach on the floor.

  • alondra

    Show Fish the money$$$$$$$!!! and wtf is all this about we don’t have the money? Make sure if ur gonna comment here u know something about Jerry Buss and the Lakers! Not wanting to pay $ doesn’t = not having money! Its so funny how ppl don’t know shit but wanna jump in and state their piece! Find something else to do!!! If we lose Fisher I blame the Lakers mgmt team and owner, not saying it will fuck up everything for us but Fish is a crucial piece and we will be to blame if we wanna be greedy! He’s a veteran who knows the laker offense and defense like he knows himself! Come on ppl and bandwagon fans don’t talk if u don’t know what ur talking about!

    • KB69

      Dawg! your the one that doesn’t know sh!t about what your talking about. There is a salary cap in the NBA, the Lakers just can’t pay Fish whatever they feel like because they don’t have any wiggle room, so paying fish 2 years 5 mil a yr is going to be equal to 10 a yr because of the luxury tax. So Fish is not worth 20 mil for 2 yrs, and with the signing of Blake that leaves the Lakers with even less money to play around with. Buss is going to pay 21 mil later in the month just for the luxury tax. So stop with the BS and think you know sh!t when you actually don’t!


    Get your slimy, greasy, DISGUSTING paws off fish, LEBRON. HANDS OFF.

    Fish WILL re-sign with the Lakers. The guy is here to help BEAT MIAMI.