This was very amusing, Francisco says he’s got a poster coming up for Kobe Bryant this Sunday. Watch out!

  • mikedeezy2k8

    Lol kobes dropping 50 on sac now


    He wants to be a Laker.

  • LakeShow24/7

    Kobe is gonna shit on Garcia!!

  • sean

    yea garcia is gonna be on a poster. not him dunking but kobe dunking on his A$$

  • lakersfan17

    this punk won’t dunk on nobody.

  • true_hooper_50

    This dude needs to sit out because he just lost a game for the kings…..

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    hahaha…..stick to shooting 3’s

  • MILO

    these two guy’s are fu-ck-en lame and Garcia needs to work on his english and not even try to dunk on Kobe because you know he’s not about to allow that those two old S.O.B’s can keep dreaming

  • xtro

    mamba aka mvp will dunk on his dominican azz.

  • Lakers 24 7

    You guys ever heard of a Fransisco Garcia? I know who Kobe is but not that other dude

  • yash

    HAHA lol. Garcia dunk on Kobe, the MVP, In his dreams, it should be a sin just for saying something like that. Kobe will get a poster for Garcia, with him dunking on Garcia.

  • Remy

    send this to kobe!!

  • lakers4life

    was he speaking english??

  • page 1ne

    he better hope kobe doesnt see this.

  • Ignard

    I hope he gets a real nasty one on Kobe early so it’ll piss Kobe off and he’ll go nuts on the Queens.

  • Alvin

    …I don’t see why you guys are mad, hahah he didn’t even bring it up, what’s he supposed to say, “well, Kobe is the king of the universe and…”. Go easy on him, he even changed his “will do” to “i will try”. Man you guys are just vicious. Poor Garcia.

  • john

    Francisco who?