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FIYA NBA Rankings

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#1 West Coast

West Coast

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Posted January 06, 2009 - 05:28 PM

I forgot who use to post these but some are freakin' hilarious. Great take on the NBA, here are some of my favorites:

Lakers #1 - Some people think Lamar Odom of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers has never quite lived up to his promise. Well, I say it depends on what he promised. For instance, if he promised to tease NBA teams with flashes of brilliance to get some poor owner to throw millions of dollars at him, I think he succeeded. He succeeded at making money by putting forth little effort to do what he was paid to do. So, the man's an American success story, I think.

This is one is just bad:

Celtics #2 - A few years ago Doc Rivers got fired after leading the Magic of Orlando to a 1-10 start. Looking back, it's the best thing that ever happened to him, considering his best option at center at one point was a homosexual. That'd be John Amaechi, who later revealed he liked ----, while he was starting at center for Rivers. So it seems God had a plan for Doc. He just had to test him with a massive gay center who wasn't very good.

Cavs #3 - Mo Williams and LeBron are quite the 1-2 punch. In fact, folks in Cleveland are trying to come up with a nickname for the tandem. I got one: "Please, God, don't let LeBron get injured, because we'd lose a lot of games."

Rockets #5 - Tracy McGrady sure has fallen off, hasn't he? In fact, McGrady's play is so disappointing that when kids ask him for his autograph and he asked who to make it out to they spit in his face.

Jazz #10 - Folks, would you stop asking when Jerry Sloan is going to retire? If Jerry Sloan was going to retire, he would have died already.

Clippers #26 - I must say, I'm amazed that Zach Randolph can score as well as he does with little to no leaping ability. Almost as surprising is the fact that he hasn't been in jail yet.

FIYA Rankings

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Posted January 06, 2009 - 05:35 PM

not funny to me, inappropriate
Again - this team, as currently constructed won't make it out of the second round of the playoffs, let alone the West or win the Finals.---fido on 2011 Lakers

#3 West Coast

West Coast

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Posted January 06, 2009 - 05:37 PM

Oh i guess those were last weeks, here are this weeks, enjoy:

Lakers #1 - Don't ever question why I had them ranked over the Celtics again.

Celtics #2 - Don't ever question why I had them ranked below the Lakers again.

another bad one:

Cavs #3 - If Danny Ferry can keep LeBron in Cleveland, he will go down as the greatest gay GM in history. And he likes going down. On men. Because he's gay.

Magic #4 - They might as well start printing up those Redick Tel Aviv jerseys.

Suns #10 - Nash's MVPs are the worst thing to ever happen to the NBA, because if Chris Paul don't win one in the next decade, that's all we're gonna hear about.

Warriors #23 - Jamal Crawford's career pretty much amounts to a hamster on a wheel.

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