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Video repost: "Bad Day"

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#1 LD2k


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Posted December 02, 2008 - 11:45 PM

Sad way to lose tonight. I wanted to repost one of my personal fav and emotional mixes I've ever done. It's really inspiring considering how much better and fortunate our situation is present day. Never stop believing, and enjoy this class mix!

Two years ago after the lost to the Suns in 7 games, LakeShow09 and myself cut this video. I also posted a review that I recently found on it from a very respectable mixer:

It has been nearly two years since the release of LD2K & LS09's "Bad Day" mix and much has happened in that period of time to the world of internet mixmaking. The general advancement of mixmaking has been driven by fast-paced, frenetic highlight reels loaded with all the dunks a basketball fan could crave for and a fitting, often dramatic, song. The introduction of photoshop to mixes has led to many integration projects and there is a new standard set on the usage of Adobe After Effects. To top it all off TNT's new approach to dramatic video editing has led to a new style of mixmaking as amateurs try and mimic the essence of these film-like videos. This may sound like the dream of a mixmaking fan come true, and for many it is, but one important factor has been overlooked in this evolution of video editing. Substance. The mixes of today have the flash necessary to wow you and the soundtracks to exaggerate the drama in any given situation but they have nothing behind them. Mixes have become empty, meaningless shells of work that miss the essence of basketball. So even if "Bad Day" was made when mixmaking was a more basic form of video editing this video has the replay value that these new videos don't.

"Bad Day" rekindles your frustration as a fan or if you're not a fan, it gives you frustrations that you never knew you had to rekindle. It takes you on the rollcoaster of a ride that was the 06-07 Lakers-Suns Playoffs series and taps into all the key emotions as a player and a fan. The song is not brushed off as just an item to occasionally sync dunks to but as a key part of the combination of video and audio in creating the perfect atmosphere. The song pushes the video along as much as the video carries the song along. LD2K & LS09 also demonstrate their maturity as mixers and do a great job in not turning the mix into a "Look at the effects I can do" type video that we too often see where effects are forced and have no importance in contributing to the theme of the video. This mix is kept simple and clean as it should be to create a realistic feel to it as opposed to a somewhat exaggerated atmosphere that is created by unrealistic color schemes, thunder bolts striking players and whatever other effects are used these days. And I believe that this is one of the biggest secrets to creating a classic that will not fade out of the memory of viewers as quickly as it had been forced in. Having the will to ignore the temptation to follow along with clichés or fast-rising trends. Ignoring the desire for recognition you feel you deserve as a mixer that could be so easily gained by doing what everyone else wants at the time. Ignoring those cheap tricks and setting out to create something special. That is what it takes to make a classic.

#2 ファイナルファンタジ


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Posted December 03, 2008 - 12:28 AM

This is tight. :rock:

Posted Image
Team Farmar
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#3 Michaelyumm


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Posted December 03, 2008 - 12:29 AM

what happened to ls09

#4 JavierLakerFan16


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Posted December 03, 2008 - 12:41 AM

lol some lakers fan has this song on a Suns suck video



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Posted December 03, 2008 - 12:54 AM

one of my old favs featuring that classic series but i prefer this one u did instead. just my preference.
still a ld2k classic.

curious though, who made those comments?
I agree on some of the comment he made. hes right you dont need sfx, AE or photoshop to make a mix special but u do need some good . . . no great editing to make it happen. along with the right choice of clips to bring out that emotion.

When this mix was made, nobody used sfx to the extend as it is used today. the ones that did though were MTL and seVer and even them didnt use it to the full extent, until MTL released A Walk In our Shoes. That mix completely blew everyones minds. the perfect combination of editing and sfx. Innovated for its time. Even to this day, nobody has topped. Even MTL couldnt top it with Highflyer Series at least thats my opinion. It was great but it didnt Oooooooo and ahhhhhhhhh as A Walk In our Shoes.

Times have changed now as well as peoples expectations for mixes. Mixers will learn new tricks to impress, as i have. one thing is for sure. We may learn new tricks to up the scale but we are always gonna try to keep the taste the same.

mixing is fun for "US" but lets face it. if we just kept it simple, we are gonna get bored too.

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#6 mlj0820



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Posted December 04, 2008 - 09:58 AM

Ah. Nice video =]
Brings back some memories, can't wait til Wednesday now! haha


#7 West Coast

West Coast

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Posted December 04, 2008 - 12:10 PM

Great thread LD2k.

I think many seem to shrug off what happened to us the last few years. Just compare the last few seasons to whats going on now:

We wondered if we would even make the playoffs.
Even if we did, many thought they would be swept in the first round.
Starting lineups of Kwame, Odom, Walton, Bryant, Smush.
Bench that consisted of Devean George, Wafer, Devin Green, Brian Cook, Slava
Kobe possibly leaving.
Lakers in the lottery.
Get bounced by the Suns in the playoffs.

Championship contender
We wonder who we will be playing in the Finals.
Starting lineup of Bynum, Gasol, Radmanovich, Bryant, Fisher
One of, if not the best bench in the league.
Kobe looks like he will be a Laker for life.
Teams fear us.
Suns can do ish to us now.
Smush is gone.

We have it so good, and some dont recognize that. We are freaking out about our second loss. Id rather be worrying about that then worrying about if we will be an 8th seed or missing the playoffs.

#8 Aztek Lakerfan

Aztek Lakerfan

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Posted December 04, 2008 - 12:16 PM

Cool video, but that song is gay. :D

#9 Tobias Fünke

Tobias Fünke

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Posted December 04, 2008 - 12:51 PM

This video reminded me how much I HATE the Suns/
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#10 rissa missa

rissa missa

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Posted December 04, 2008 - 01:41 PM

one of my favorites. makes me tear up everytime i see it. :cry:

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