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Jordan Farmar Blog [11/21/08]

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Posted November 25, 2008 - 04:01 PM

Hey, wassup?

November 4 was my first time voting. It was great, especially to be part of such a historical event. To be a person of color in this country is a big thing, and a lot of us never thought that we’d see, in our lifetime, the election of a multi-cultural person to the country’s highest office.

I’m a multi-cultural kid, my dad’s black and my mom’s white. I was born and bred in L.A. I’ve been there, done that. But to play a small part in the election of Mr. Obama was thrilling. I was fortunate to have introduced him at a fundraiser. I got to meet him, hang out with him; he knew who I was, talked to me about basketball. He still plays ball and I think he considers himself a gym rat. It was an amazing experience.

We had practice on Election Day, but made sure we had time to go vote. I was at home relaxing when I heard the news that he’d won. It’s all very promising. As usual his speech that night was inspirational. He’s a tremendous speaker, and it was very powerful. A lot of the history of this country goes behind Mr. Obama’s election. And this opens up all kinds of opportunities for everybody. I think that for us here and people around the world, the first thing that’s going to happen is a change of attitude.

In the business we’re in, pro sports, teams switch coaches because they feel they need a change in philosophy. That was big for us Americans, that we made a change, tried something different, and it’s going to affect us in a lot of ways. For instance, people like me, I make quite a bit of money — over that $250,000 Obama was talking about — well, we’re going to be facing more taxes, things like that. But as long as we can get this whole country moving in the right direction, I’m in ‘cause we’ll all benefit in the long run.


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