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Lakers acquire Jeremy Lin

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Posted August 18, 2014 - 05:00 PM

The problem with Bynum isn't want.

It's his body. Bynum wanted to produce for Cleveland, he wanted to play well for Indiana. His body didn't allow it for an extended period of time. If it did he'd have taken Hibberts starting spot.

Bynum said Kobe stunted his growth because of how easy Kobe made the game for him that it didn't require him to grow as much as he'd have to if he didn't have Kobe. That was a compliment to how easy Kobe makes it for his teammates not a bash.

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Posted August 18, 2014 - 05:55 PM



I'm not worried about Andrew Bynum's discipline on a Jeremy Lin team.

Andrew Bynum has long been frustrated with being MARGINALIZED during his Lakers years. Bryant's selfishness really got on his nerves, especially late in games when Bynum usually was wide open down low but Bryant was hucking bricks against defenses that were aware of his penchant to shoot down his own team.

With Jeremy Lin being the first real point guard that Bynum's ever played with, Bynum will probably be more willing to do the work to get in shape and perform well. In today's NBA, players other than Lin have forgotten (or never learned) that top big men like Bynum need to get their touches in order to feel involved with the team.

I think Andrew Bynum would be pleasantly surprised at how easy it'll be to play alongside one of the NBA's great feeders in Jeremy Lin.


 this is a Jeremy Lin team we're talking about.

None of those teams had a real point guard that embraced him, and all of those teams were not entirely good fits for him for basketball reasons alone.

I hope that the Lakers take a gamble on Bynum. He's the ultimate high risk high reward player. Then again, they have point guard #17 who knows exactly how to get the most out of teammates


Having watched Bynum for a number of years, I can assure you that he's made of completely different stuff than James Harden.

I have no problems with Harden partying off the court, but a lot of guys have a lot of problems with Harden's defenseless scrub selfishness on the court.

Unlike Harden, Bynum is a TEAM player that will really perform if he's treated respectfully and used properly. Bynum is actually a very intelligent and thoughful person who I think is yearning to have a good situation to fit himself into. But if the team isn't right, Bynum will rebel in order to get himself ejected out of a bad situation.

There is no better person than Jeremy Lin to embrace Bynum back onto the Lakers and show that Bynum is appreciated. Not even Kobe Bryant can undermine Lin's ability to bring out the best in teammates.

From what I know about Lin and Bynum's personalities, I feel that their excellent intelligence and need for respect will make them IDEAL teammates.

Bynum would be the best center Lin ever had, and that's saying a lot since Lin had Omer Asik as his best center for two years so far.


your posts are pretty over the top.  not sure if troll.

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Posted August 18, 2014 - 09:33 PM



Jeremy Lin Art Exhibit. 

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Posted Yesterday, 08:15 AM



Great read.

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Posted Yesterday, 11:47 AM

ESPN going to all over us again once Lin gets going haha... Oh and Kobe too..

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