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UPDATE: Mark Cuban Will Finance HGH Study On Potential Benefits In Recovery From Injury (Post #4); Cuban Wants The NBA To Allow HGH

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Posted February 14, 2014 - 02:41 AM

“The issue isn’t whether I think it should be used,” Cuban told USA TODAY Sports via e-mail. “The issue is that it has not been approved for such use. And one of the reasons it hasn’t been approved is that there have not been studies done to prove the benefits of prescribing HGH for athletic rehabilitation or any injury rehabilitation that I’m aware of. The product has such a huge (public) stigma that no one wants to be associated with it.”


Read more at http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2014/02/mark-cuban-wants-the-nba-to-allow-peds/#QUgIF48zhtjeRq4K.99

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Posted February 14, 2014 - 04:46 AM

Hes only referring to injury rehabilitation. I agree with Cuban 100%.

We can slander with all the acronyms we want "HGH, PEDs"...whatever. The negative side of using these drugs makes sense when it is in direct relation to cheating.

But for the purpose of rehab and saving a career the same drugs can be viewed as medical and scientific advancements.


Theres no reason a guy like Derrick Rose shouldn't be maximizing any advantage at his disposal right now. It just needs to be regulated and rules enforced to prevent people from going Barry Bonds and for medical safety reasons. And Stern and the league FO should hire a outside medical firm for over sight regulatory enforcement. And that should be paid by the player/team thats needing the benefit of HGH/PED rehabs.




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Posted February 14, 2014 - 04:50 AM

And Silver and the league FO should hire a outside medical firm for over sight regulatory enforcement.

Fixed. ;)


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Posted April 03, 2014 - 07:15 PM

Mavs owner @mcuban will finance a study on the potential benefits of HGH use in recovery from injury. http://es.pn/QK4KK0 

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Posted April 03, 2014 - 07:18 PM

It unfortunately has too much of a negative connotation in sports for it to be easily approved after a study from Cuban. It'll take a ESPN special to get people to change their mind about it, but I do agree with Cuban.



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Posted April 03, 2014 - 09:25 PM

^ As do I. Some fans might [expletive] & moan, but once they get it through some of their thick-headed stubborn-like heads, they'll hopefully realize this is actually in their best [expletive]in' interest. They get to see their favorite stars more often and more sooner. Who the [expletive] wouldn't want that? C'mon man.


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Posted April 03, 2014 - 09:26 PM

Mark Cuban Special: "I was right. Now eat it Stern!"  

"Bryant had come to rage against the idea that Howard's clownish disposition could overtake the locker room, the Lakers' culture, and had warned Howard that he would never, ever let it happen." 

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