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Kobe on Mason & Ireland (11/4/08)

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Posted November 05, 2008 - 01:56 PM

On Kobe’s new Guitar Hero commercial:
“That’s stuff I do inside my house with my girls and stuff, just kind of goofing around or whatever but nobody’s really ever seen that side of me. So I think everybody’s a little bit shocked that I had a little bit of rhythm!”

On the difference between last year’s Lakers team and this year’s Lakers team:

“I think the core difference is when shots aren’t falling, when guys are in foul trouble, you tend to hang your head a little bit, your defense will suffer for a few minutes here and there. I think this year it’s reversed. I think our defense is the thing that’s going to be carrying us and that kind of understanding just comes from maturation and experience, understanding…that defense really sustains you.”

What are the odds of this team winning 70 games?
“In this day and age it would be extremely difficult to pull off something like that. I mean, you look at the Western Conference and how thick that is…”

Which teams impress you the most in the West?
“It’s tough to tell. In the past the standard answers were always Phoenix and San Antonio. It seems like there’s kind of been somewhat of a shift where were kind of move to the top of that line. It’s tough to gage early in the season.”

How will the Billups/Iverson trade affect the Nuggets?
“That team is obviously going to change a little bit, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they all adjust to it. I think it helps Carmelo out as well. It frees him up to do more things.”

More here: http://kb24.com/news/92

Listen here: http://query-origin....ryant081103.mp3

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