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Netflix Getting Four New Marvel Superhero Series

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Posted November 10, 2013 - 11:53 PM

Daredevil is probably the best known character of the lot, having been played by Ben Affleck in a dud movie. He’s a blind lawyer who has superhuman senses to compensate. The most recent run of his comic has been a critical hit, and the character has tons of depth, an interesting rogue’s gallery and a hip street-level setting.
Luke Cage, formerly known as Power Man, started in the 70s as a Blaxploitation character, a super-tough ex-con who worked as a “Hero for Hire” in sleazy Times Square. Since then, he’s become an Avenger, dropped the chain belt and high collar and is one of Marvel’s best-loved African-American superheroes.
Iron Fist was Cage’s partner in the “Hero for Hire” business but has since stepped out on his own. A white guy who was raised in a mystical Asian mountain city, he has the power to harness his chi to really wreck shop.
Jessica Jones, the most recently-created character on the list, was made up by Brian Bendis for his Alias series. She used to be a generic superheroine known as Jewel until she quit the game to start a private detective firm. She has a baby in the comics with Luke Cage, but I’d expect the Netflix show to predate that.
All of this is allegedly leading up to The Defenders, a miniseries that will bring all four shows together and hopefully create a new franchise operation for Marvel.
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