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Posted August 14, 2013 - 10:41 AM

So fighting each other is a sign of respect? Just asking I mean I love watching that, but is that respect? You can literally get away with a crime of assault there. Perfectly legal. Crazy.



lets take the players interations with the refs...


In the NBA, when a foul is called, the player who has the ball, with shoot it about 95% of the time, and only about 5% of the time will the player causally flip the ball to the ref


same in the NFL, after a first down, or a big catch, how often does that player jump up, and hand the ball to the ref? 1% of the time? while the other 99% they spike the ball, or throw it, or do some ridiculous thing...



I have seen the face of refs, a player just throw away the ball, so the ref has to go over and pick it up.. makes the ref bummed... its disrespecting the ref..



In NHL, this practice doesn't happen, when play is blown dead, they don't slap a shot on goal, or shoot it down the ice, they flip it up in the air, catch it, and hand or toss it to the ref... Total respect...



Hockey players are also totally respectful of each other...

Guys can swing at each other, and then, fist bump and say good fight...



Someone says something about someones GF in the NBA, and people are waiting outside of lockerrooms and Areanas wanting to jump people...



hockey really is a fun sport to watch

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