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Late Friday five

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Posted July 26, 2013 - 07:43 PM

Five questions

After seeing or hearing about team USA scrimmage if all players were available which two players would u give a max deal tht make sense towards lakers roster?

2 rumor has it pau is a gone soon because of tht damn luxury tax would u take a Minnesota package of sir Alex shved draft pick and maybe d will?
Phoenix draft pick Shannon brown gortat
Bucks Jennings trade exception or pick

3 pick what seed we finish. If playoffs how we far do we go?

4 what lakers do you think will have the biggest breakout season young, Kaman, johnson, farmar and if you had pick 3 bench players to bring bk who would they be?

5.pick one future duo for the lakers if you had to choose Thompson- love Kerie fiekhigh school teamates love the lakers Jennings - melo High scoring kinda reminds me of iverson melo. Or cousins- wall

Bonus do you think lebron will win 5 before lakers win another title

1 easy Irving George Irving does have injury history though thts leaves lakers without tht futures big man star

2 I'm huge Jennings fan pau is leaving peeps

3 addition by subtraction lakera r looking good half way through they make trade get new blood kone and pau have career years hill steps up lakers finish 6 and upset Houston In first round hey I wanna see it but heing realistic 7th

4 young Kobe gonna bring this guy to next level Kaman wil be huge also

5 Jennings melo two of my top 5 favorites don't care what haters say love is hard to turn down Westbrook love or George love would be nice

Peace haye koes fury
Rios koes PAC man
Mayweather edges Canelo on points

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Posted July 27, 2013 - 07:14 AM

1. As long as the players we pay are actually WORTH the max, then i basically dont care. LBJ and Melo, would be nice though. 


2. I dont think trading Pau is a good idea. Pau loves LA and would probably be willing to sign for less next summer. 


3. Probably between 7th and 10th in the West. Playoffs, probably out the first round. That being said, who knows what happens. We may make a blockbuster trade midseason and if we might end up going against an injury plagued team in the first round. 


4. I'd like to see either a college reunion of either Cousins-Wall or Love-Westbrook. Realistically, i would love to see Kobe-Melo-Pau with a couple of defensive-minded roleplayers. 


5. Lebron will not win again with the Heat, though he might win one in a few years with Cleveland or in 2015 with the Lakers. 

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