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I'm very disappointed in Dwight Howard

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Posted July 05, 2013 - 11:46 PM



remember in 2012, when we got Dwight in august and all of us went gorillas and nuts and I got goosebumps when I saw Dwight in the lakers facility in front of the media with his glasses and all...

this was so great cause I treally thought we had champioonship potential for 2013!


OK THEN 2012-13 happened and we saw we got kicked out by the spurs in round 1 because of our injury problems and issues..


But I never thought that Dwight would leave LA, a major city, a global market and a city with so much pride and a team with history and a leader, just to be a lonely star in houston for upcoming years!!!


I DONT GET THAT! I always thought in the last couple of weeks, that Dwight was playing the media etc and that he will stay in LA!


But I never thought he would do that [expletive] move and leave Kobe and Pau alone!




NOW I have to throw away my dwight shirt and my 2 dwight posters



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Posted July 05, 2013 - 11:49 PM

Thank you for not making an appreciation thread.


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Posted July 05, 2013 - 11:51 PM

I agree. [expletive] Bizzaro.

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Posted July 05, 2013 - 11:51 PM

he wanted to play Orlando Magic 4 out 1 in basketball.  He can't do that with Pau here.  He basically stated one of his biggest preferences in of Houston instead of the Lakers was that Houston ran a style similar to what they did with Orlando, with one big(him) able to be in the middle and surrounded by 3 point shooters, with the exception of having James Harden on the team. 

That's the style that appealed most to Dwight as he called the Rockets style "Orlando Magic but with James Harden" and it being a big factor in his decision.

That means the only way he was gonna be happy was if he didn't share the paint and we had a stretch 4 instead.

We obviously didn't do that.

We all complained that if all we focused on was 3 point shooters that stretched the floor it would be more of a  D'antoni decision than a Dwight one.

And then Dwight comes out today basically admitting he WANTED to be surrounded by a bunch of 3 point shooters so that he could have the pain to himself is pretty telling.

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Posted July 06, 2013 - 12:13 AM

It's not D12's fault, its management's. The only smart thing was keeping PAU just in case some crap like this happened

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Posted July 06, 2013 - 12:19 AM

NBA Talk.

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Posted July 06, 2013 - 01:24 AM

First of all this thread is in the wrong section so hopefully a mod can move it to the lakers section.  Anyway




The OP is the reason why I kind of want Dwight howard to stay. It just hurts me to see such passionate fans who are very ignorant of how things work in the world. I was never and I mean never have any care in the world if D12 stays or leave.i post it in the D12 thread and I get slam for it. I was always the one who espected him to leave because of a lot of situations. People said I am being so negative when I was just being real and seeing reality. But the ignorant fans still believe he will stay. I knew the minute we get D12 during the off season, some fans will be hurt because he will live within a year anyway. When the Lakers signed D12 I was excited to see how it works but I didn't drool over the guy because I kind of knew what we are getting into. Until some Laker fans understand how this Dwight fella really works, you will be another victim from him. Htown fans will be his victim now.  My freakin avatar is Kobe dunking over D12 and I had this avatar before the Lakers even sign Dwight.  People probably wondering why I never took it down for respect of Dwight. I just never think he is a true laker in the first place thats why.  I am glad I am not part of his trick. And I will explain to you why most of you guys are victims in D12 world.


Dwight Howard is the type of person who tries to avoid conflicts and problems in life. Now at times it is good to always find ways to avoid drama and conflicts but the reality is life is hard. Life is not all butterflies and positivity all the time. In Dwight's world, life has to be that. The reality is life will throw you some hurdles and speed bumps. There are people who can go through it and come out a stronger person. But there are also people who are unable to deal with issues in life. So the best way for the people to not deal with issues in life is to avoid it at all cause. Dwight Howerd is the person who always will try to find the easy way out. When things get hard for him he began to cry and [expletive] and moan. ANd he began to hope that things will be better.


  Dwight is also a guy who have a very thin skin. He love for people to love him but when people start hating on him, he doesn't get it and starts crying again. Hanging with D12 is fun. He will make you like him. Why? Because he is the type that wants you to like him.  So he will tell you what you want to hear. All the interviews you heard him speak was all disingenuine.  When Mitch and the Lakers praised him he loves that. When the Lakers show him the history of a franchise and telling him he will get his jersey retired, he pretends to give a crap but the reality is, the pressure is too much for him. This guy cannot take pressure well.  The Lakers is too big for him. He can't handle the pressure and the responsibility. So why are you fans so surprised he is leaving?


He is not a leader because leading is hard. Not easy to lead. When you lead you will offend some people and Dwight doesn't want to offend anybody. He is not even in the same planet as the greats of the game. So when the Lakers said Dwight Howard is the Lakers future I began to worried. However, fans began to cheer. They are hynoptized by D12's smile and cheerfulness. I knew what is going on. Do you know the real reasons why he wanted Phil Jackson? It is because Phil can make the game easier for him. D12 doesnt want anything to be hard. Because if it is hard for him, it is a challenge and you know D12 doesn't like challenges even though he talk a good talk. So the Lakers decided not to get Phil.  At that moment, I was like "great, D12 have a reason to leave now without being the bad guy.


Dwight Howard wanted to leave the Lakers a lot longer than you fans might think. It is not the "decision" week that he couldnt make up his mine. Lakers were fooled by him. Fans were fooled by him. And now all of you are paying. Dwight was happy that all the blame will be on MDA or Jim Buss.  I can gaurenteed you almost a little more than half the fan base not blamming D12 for leaving at all but more of Jim Buss right? That is perfect for what Dwight wants. Even some media people don't blame Dwight for leaving.  Don't you guys realized? It is a perfect situation for him to leave. Heck if I was Dwight Howard and I never wanted to be in LA in the first place, I might as well find a scapegoat right?  So MDA and Jim Buss were his scapegoat. 


And that is the bottom line.  D12 rick rolled everybody in the Lakers organization and fans. Lakers thought D12 is going to stay because he is saying what you wanted to hear.  Fans thought D12 wanted to stay because he is saying what you wanted to hear.  But D12 never ever wanted to stay in the first place. Even if we have Phil, I dont think he wanted to stay.  Because he knows what it takes to be a hall of famer on the Lakers.  It takes brass balls and he doesn't have any. 

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