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The Joker Blogs: Fall of the House of Arkham

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Posted June 17, 2013 - 07:54 PM


Not on TV or television but the production value of this series I classify it up there and I'm posting it here as it has to do with Batman.   It does a brilliant job that incorporates the personalities and nod to the Nolan Joker as well as a few nods to The Killing Joke as well as incorporating Mask of the Phantasm.

Here is a video catchup of the first season:

And here is a detailed breakdown for those that watch the video and go "Alright.. what just happened!?!?"

For those that don't know, for the last few years ever since The Dark Knight, there has been an ongoing episodic series called The Joker Blogs about the story tie ins after the events of The Dark Knight.

The first series focused on The Joker getting to know Harley Quinn who was assigned to him, and manipulating things and tempting her until finding out she is engaged.

The conclusion of that series had to do with him escaping Arkham to interrupt her wedding and kill her fiance, he kidnaps Jerimiah Arkham the owner of Arkham Asylum as well as some others and holds his wife hostage until he gets what he wants.  

After killing Harley's soon to be husband and having a run in with Batman he returns back to Jerimiah Arkham's home to keep up his end of the deal and let go of his wife, whom was trapped in the house liable to explode.    The Joker however denies him this after forcing him to sell the Asylum to an unknown buyer and lets the house explode before allowing himself to be recaptured to go back to the Asylum as his job was done.     

The unknown buyer happened to be Lex Luthor.

Jerimiah Arkham's wife survived albeit in a coma, and Jerimiah Arkham enlisted the help of Crane(Scarecrow) as part of a revenge scheme to infiltrate Arkham and kill the Joker.   And forces Gordon to turn the other cheek by kidnapping his wife whom worked in the hospital his wife was being kept.

As a result of things transpiring Harleen Quinzel got a higher position of power in the Asylum, and on her first day in that position goes to visit the Joker who is in maximum security lockdown 2 where the guards have been beating on him.   

She shows disdain and hate for the Joker saying there is no "fixing" him and cursing him for ruining her life and killing her fiance.   The Joker however remarks that she should instead be thanking him for she never would have gotten her position of power.  She continues to show disdain for him but pain for what he's done, but grants his one request that he be allowed visitors, assuming that no one would ever come to visit him while she goes to the board meeting on the top level. 

This second season, is going to cover the gap of time between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.   Enjoy! :) 

The first video is the very first episode of the second season.   Enjoy!! Hope the Season One Video breakdown as well as my detailed explanation explained enough so that you won't be completely in the dark. :)

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