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East: 2 Multiple Sources vs. 7 Jackson Heights

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#1 Massacre



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Posted May 24, 2013 - 06:36 PM


Two of the best big men of the 1980s face off as Kareem matches up with Moses Malone in the first round of the Eastern conference playoffs.

Is Durant too much for Iguodala?

Windu vs. Pau Gasol. You have it.

Multiple Sources call the rules. Post them ASAP.

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#2 bfc1125roy



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Posted May 24, 2013 - 06:48 PM

Windu vs. Pau Gasol. You have it.


:laughing: Great matchup

#3 Massacre



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Posted May 24, 2013 - 06:53 PM


1. L.A.K.E.R
2. Massacre
3. Klewfish
4. Goku
5. SuPeRmAoR
6. TKainZero
7. bfc1125roy

Please wait for both game plans before casting votes. Please make sure you evaluate both game plans and give a detailed reason as to why you picked your winner.

#4 West Coast

West Coast

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Posted May 24, 2013 - 08:11 PM

Let's go old school 

#5 Massacre



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Posted May 29, 2013 - 10:00 PM

Waiting on Game plan from Windu. West Coast submitted.

#6 Windu



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Posted May 30, 2013 - 06:06 AM

My plan is to score more points

Pau Gasol is GONE

#7 Massacre



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Posted May 30, 2013 - 01:00 PM

Multiple Souces

One of the key traits of my team is the wide array of players that I have. I can mix and match lineups very well that can give many problems issues.

Right away, the advantage I have over Jackson Heights is size and length. Moses Malone and Chris Webber are very good players, but with two seven footers in Kareem and Gasol, that’s where we start our offensive game plan, play inside out. A triangle offense featuring one of the most dominant offensive players of his time in Kareem and one of the most skilled big men in Gasol, it’s a definite disadvantage for a team with a lack of size. While we will post the ball often, the primary scoring option will be Kareem, but Kevin Durant will get his share of touches when the defense collapses on Kareem and Gasol on the inside.

Durant provides a lot of issues for his defender just because of his length. Whether its Iguodala, English, Allen, or Horry guarding Durant, his ability to shoot over the top of them will really hurt their defense.

Gasol will be the X factor to the offense. With the attention going to Kareem and Durant, Gasol’s ability to pass the ball will be essential but it’s his aggressiveness as a third/fourth option will cause problems when he is on the floor.

Defensively at the guard spots, we have to match up against one the best to ever play the game in Jerry West. Luckily, I have two guards that are athletic so switching will not be a problem. Clyde Drexler at 6’7 and with incredible athleticism will cause issues with whoever he guards, whether it be the 6’2 West or the 6’1 Kevin Johnson. Gary Payton on the other hand is one of the best on ball defenders to play this game. His scrappy, on ball pressure, and in your face attitude will give many bigger guards fits. At 6’4, his size and defensive ability along with Drexler’s 6’7 frame is just not a good matchup for his guards. Jackson Heights will need to work extremely hard for their points.

Off the bench, Jackson Height’s looks to have some very nice offensive pieces in guys like English, Hardaway, and Richardson. My main option off the bench is Jamal Crawford. Harper will take English as he is the better defender. Crawford will take the limited offensive player in Allen.

My defensive anchor down low in Eaton takes away any easy buckets that could come based off the athleticism of Hardaway, English or Richardson. With the length of him and Kukoc, we’ll force his bench to become jump shooters. My other option is Andrew Bynum who gives me yet another seven footer to give more rest to Kareem and Eaton.

In the end, the length of Multiple Sources provides too many issues for Jackson Heights. The ability to guard with length and athleticism will force Jackson Heights to shoot over the top and passing lanes will be very small. While Moses Malone should prove to be a decent defender on Kareem, the inability of their defenders to match the length and slow the scoring ability of Durant will just be too much in the series.

Defensive match-ups:
Drexler on Johnson
Payton on West
Durant on Iguodala
Gasol on Webber
Kareem on Malone

Fisher on Hardaway
Harper on English
Crawford on Allen
Kukoc on Horry/Ibaka
Eaton on Horford/Ibaka

Payton – 36 minutes
Drexler – 28 minutes
Durant – 36 minutes
Gasol – 35 minutes
Abdul-Jabbar – 30 minutes

Fisher – 12 minutes
Crawford – 20 minutes
Harper – 12 minutes
Kukoc – 13 minutes
Eaton – 12 minutes / Bynum - 6 minutes

#8 Massacre



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Posted May 30, 2013 - 01:05 PM

My vote goes to Multiple Sources.

Jackson Heights has a great team and it wouldn't hurt if they wrote one small paragraph, if anything, about why they are better.

Kareem is too much. Iguodala will keep Durant in check for a minute, but it's hard to see Jackson Heights doing anything from the perimeter with Payton and Drexler out there. Lack of a game plan hurts.

Kareem dominates. Multiple Sources wins.

Not really going to analyze this one since I don't have any material to work with. Sorry West Coast.

#9 SuPeRmAoR


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Posted May 30, 2013 - 07:23 PM

I have to agree with massacre here, Ill give game 2 to MS as well




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#10 Klewfish


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Posted June 02, 2013 - 09:56 PM

Multiple Sources has too complete a starting 5, I see them outworking Windu's team. Hardaway would take it to Fish off the bench but that's not enough. My vote goes to Multiple Sources as well.

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