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The number one reason why I will never root for the Clippers - ever!

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Posted April 22, 2013 - 12:52 PM

There are a lot of reasons why I don't like the Clippers and I will never ever like them. I am a proud Clipper hater and the number one clipper hater. A lot of people  said that we should root for the Clippers because they represent the city of Los Angeles.  Fortunately that doesn't concern me because I don't live in LA. I live Orange County. 


When you started watching basketball at the age of 5 like I did and Lakers was the team you always see on tv during the mid 80's and thats the only team you know growing up, I find it hard to be a bandwagon fan when you grow older unless that team do you wrong personally like the Buss family foreclose your home or something. But that is just me. 


But the number one reason why I wish the Clippers will be gone as a franchise completely or wish they suck forever is because of that racist no good piece of crap frugal human being of an owner. If you guys never met Donald Sterling, consider yourself lucky. I wasn't that lucky back in the days. To make a long story short, I was at a Clippers game when I was in highschool (which was in the  90's). My friend got free clippers tickets since they suck and they just give them away like trash. He couldn't go to the game so he gave it to me. I took my little cousin who was 8 at the time. He never been to a basketball game before so it was exciting for him. I didn't care for the game since it wasn't against the lakers. Anyway we spotted Donald Sterling sitting near courtside and back in the days at clippers game, anybody can go on the lower section. So I want my lil cous to know who the owner is just for kicks. Took him to Sterling and said hi. He totally ignored us. We were right in front of him. He was just reading his book (not even a booklet its a pamphlet!). THis was 20 min before tip off. I said hi again and said excuse me sir can I have a quick picture of you with my cousin? He said "no im busy" and then tell a security guy to escort us out. Now some of you guys think he was busy for real and I shouldn't bother him. He was pretending to read a pamphlet because he wasn't reading it when we were approaching him. He just whip that ish out cus he didn't want to be bothered.  If you dont want to be bother then atleast be polite and said "sorry not now, maybe later? have a great game you guys and hope you enjoy it." or something nice. There is a freakin kid in front of you!


Anyway I know some will defend him. I dont care.  All im saying is this owner is a very rude human being and a bad man. And to see him win a championship will be the worst thing ever. Even the players doesn't respect him. If they do, why would they laugh at him when he walks into the locker room? He also thinks his players are slaves and only there to make him money.Trade them if they make too much. He is also a cheap guy. Worst owner in sports history. He fired his GM who got him Chris Paul and all the guys on the current roster? If you believe that GM leave on his own, you are just fooling yourselves. I dont want him to succeed. He already succeed in life by screwing people over.  


So I suggest you root against the Clippers. I hope they will be out of the first round and I hope they will suck and go back to where they belong. It is a shame that you guys pay money to get Clippers product and put that money into Sterlings wallet. He hates asians and mexicans and his apartments are crap.



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Posted April 22, 2013 - 01:45 PM

im from the oc too

and fck the clippers!

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