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Would you amnesty Kobe?

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Posted April 16, 2013 - 06:15 PM

Kobe is super aggressive he will never do that

If something goes wrong between now and July he might.

Kobe understands enough of what is at stake to realize that it would not be smart for the Lakers to pay a $55 million tax to the league just to have him on the roster if he has no intention of playing next season.

That said, I don't expect this to happen.

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Posted April 17, 2013 - 04:12 PM

In a weird way I would like to see Kobe take the full year off if he's going to miss 9 months... If the amnesty was used could you imagine who we could sign this off season and to play with K24 and D12 the following year. Holy Crap!!! I would even take Pau for 9 mil per year as a back up center in 2014/2015

First of all I would never quote a supposed medical student on Twitter to support a medical argument.


Kobe can tell if he has a completely torn Achilles. If you have no Achilles, you cannot plantar flex your foot at all. If you have some intact fibers (a partial tear) you can do that to some degree.When it's completely torn, the fibers ball up and retract in your calf, when it's partially torn it doesn't retract nearly as much (because the torn fibers are still attached to something). So yes, if Kobe thinks it's a complete tear and the trainers also think so, then it's essentially a complete tear. 


Again, I don't think he will miss the whole season, but I think it's worth considering if further workup shows he has more injuries. It might be best for him to sit out a season and heal up everything, because if he starts favoring one leg he could further damage the others. Let's not forget he has pretty bad knees to begin with. And as for him playing for someone else, I don't think the Lakers do this without his agreeing. 


I'm not sure what's better to use, the injury exception or amnesty. I think both would be similar in that Kobe would be able to play with the Lakers in 2014-15 but with the injury exception maybe they keep his Bird rights. I'm not sure what the Lakers would be willing to pay Kobe if he wants to come back at age 36. Hopefully he will be willing to play for the minimum, since he has made so much money, so that the Lakers can build for the future in free agency that season.

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