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Kobe, Pau, Phil, & Shaq On AM570 Loose Cannons Today

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Posted October 30, 2008 - 01:44 PM


Kobe: If we wanna' win a championship, we're gonna' have to play defense and that's what we're doing..

what was mindset on clipper game? we wanna come out send a message.. that we're ready to play.. we've made some improvements..

surprised by oneside nature of game? .. i was surprised.. but we were able to stifle em' a bit..

was it a matter of great laker d or horrible clipper offense? a little bit of both.. lakers awesome d and clippers rotten offense.. they're not making shots that they normally make..

Pau: after the debacle in the nba finals, has team emerged this season with defensive mindset? we've talked about getting better defensively as a group.. we have so many great defensive players here.. but we have to work together as a team as a unit.. that's what makes any team better..

you and andrew.. we come up with all these nicknames.. how's it playing with bynum? we're two dominant 7 footers.. we take every game as a challenge..

Phil: what about the defense? we had defensive runs 2nd and 3rd quarter that gave us some breaks and we were able to explode offensively?

little bit of slow start, how was recovery phil? we struggled first half.. then adjusted.. and figured how we'd play this game and got better..

vic asked phil why he cut his facial hair? vic said phil said it's a mystery.. hartman says it's good he got rid of the kernell sanders look cuz jeannie's younger and doesn't wanna be around an older man looking like that..

Shaq: asking shaq if he's a top 5 center in the league.. shaq says he is.. i may be old.. but i still am..

last night talked about kobe having to do with your arse, shaq do you have fresh thoughts now about kobe? oh yeah by far, the best player in the league. played three times in a row, haha.. make that 4.. lol.. make that 5. lol..

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Posted October 30, 2008 - 01:46 PM

do a recap man! or at least someone do a recap. im sure TLN will have the recording up sometime today.

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