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What is the point of making the playoffs this year?

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Posted April 08, 2013 - 05:16 PM

Age is a problem when they are not like Toney Allen, Ray Allen or Garnett. Ageless freaks of nature. Father time is undefeated!! The rest of your post is very accurate but age does matter. Not the end all be all but it does matter

Age ain't the problem, it's cohesion and a complete lack of discipline on the court.


Everything stems from the coach on down.  Teams take on the personality of their coach 100% of the time.

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Posted April 08, 2013 - 05:20 PM

Hear Hear!! And Nash didn't win one in his prime either..... Blow it up in the off season!!

Enjoy Majesty.


The Lakers are not making the Western Conference Finals, the Finals or winning the ring this year.  If you still think that you're living in the same dream / excuse making world you've been ensconced in all year. 


You know when I first followed the Lakers in '82, it used to be about winning the ring, and winning the ring only, not just about enjoying any kind of playoff success the Lakers could possibly muster.  Not winning the ring was failure, nothing else was acceptable.  Sad to see Laker fans such as yourself have had to dumb down their expectations so much as to just be happy about any kind of playoff success.


Ignoring the coaching situation as if it has had no impact on the team, or somehow siding with D'Antoni and his complete lack of coaching ability is still amazing to me.


If the Lakers make the playoffs (which I still don't think they will), you enjoy your 4 game sweep or 1 win in the first round.  Those of us that aren't satisfied with being mediocre or worse will keep chirping about what needs to be fixed to accomplish the goal that all Laker fans should always and only care about - winning the ring.  Blame it on Jerry Buss, he spoiled Laker fans with winning championships and not being satisfied just "being there" or just "being a part of the playoffs".  That standard is what has made the Lakers one of the greatest sports franchise in the history of Earth - not enjoying any success they may have in the playoffs.


D'Antoni = no rings, ever - and possibly losing Dwight in the process. 

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Posted April 08, 2013 - 08:10 PM

Make it end now
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