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Games have had playoff type intensity

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Posted March 07, 2013 - 01:35 PM

It seems like since the All Star Break when we were starting to make a push all the games have got a little tougher. Teams know that we are playing better so they bring their A games, and sometimes teams are so loose in comparison to us that it ends up being tough.


Houston ,Utah, and Golden State have been feeling the pressure of us creeping and I think Utah and Golden State are the weakest mentally. 


The point is we have shown great mental toughness during this streak. I'm convinced that we have a shot in the playoffs, I mean we are one of the most talented lower seeds in the history of sports. And this team looks a notch better when playing with rest. I think you have to take into account the collective IQs of these veterans and even our younger players. We still have time to improve and figure out Nash-Dwight-Kobe and hopefully Pau can come back and play some back-up Center/ 4th quarter post option for us. Earl Clark is fading a bit, so Pau can get plugged in.

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Posted March 07, 2013 - 01:58 PM

I can agree, I think the mental strength is improving. We've been winning more than losing as of late, and with a good comeback it can boost a team's confidence. I also liked hearing Kobe and Dwight getting better at working with one another "to dominate."


"I'm always a firm believer in us being able to make our own decisions." --Kobe Bryant

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Real Deal


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Posted March 07, 2013 - 02:24 PM

Hey, sup? I'm Debbie Downer.

The playoff intensity is winning us games against teams that we should be beating. I like how we're going to get in (we will, unless someone gets hurt), but our second-half schedule was mapped to be one of the easiest in the NBA. Lucky for us.

3/10 - vs. Chicago
3/15 - @ Indiana
4/5 - vs. Memphis
4/7 - @ LA Clippers
4/14 - vs. San Antonio
4/17 - vs. Houston

Assuming the Spurs and Rockets are still playing for seeding, these are the six games I'll be watching closely. Five of those teams are top seven defensive squads, and the Rockets are a top three scoring team in the league...all playoff teams, maybe four that have the capability to get into the Conference Finals (five if Rose returns).

0-2 vs. SAS
0-3 vs. LAC
0-2 vs. MEM
0-1 vs. CHI
1-3 vs. DEN
1-2 vs. HOU

To beat Denver, we needed Jamison to score 33, Howard 28, and Meeks to drop 21. We rarely see that from all three of those guys.

In that game against Houston, we needed a triple-double from Kobe, a 28/13 game from Howard, and Nash was still injured.

It kind of goes back to the trio issue I was talking about in my topic. We have to start beating teams with our trio dominating on the offensive end...together, not individually. They each play for the role players, not for each other...because they are used to it. It's what they have done their entire careers, really (the beef of their careers).

Once we define roles, we're going to start scaring elites. Until then, we're just in it for the 6th-8th seed race, and I don't feel comfortable with that type of acceptance.

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Posted March 07, 2013 - 08:18 PM

Well, without Hill and Pau accept it. We are built to have 4 stars or 3 stars and whatever Pau will be eventually traded for. No back-up Center, and our continuity isn't enough to be on par with the great teams.



Today, I'm happy to be winning these games. I mean the season isn't all year so I want to enjoy my Lakers , and not worry about what the post-season results will be. The point of the NBA is to be entertained and these games have been as fun as anything.


the same can be said for the close games Houston, Utah and GS have been playing.

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