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Eric Gordon 'Very Available' In Trade Talks

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Posted February 09, 2013 - 12:05 PM

Exec: Hornets Entertaining Trade Talks For Eric Gordon


Sam Amick, USA TODAY Sports

First things first: New Orleans Hornets shooting guard Eric Gordon is happy because he's playing basketball again.

The right knee that turned him into a spectator for much of the past two seasons is finally holding up, and the 24-year-old who caused so much controversy in the Big Easy over the summer has had an unmistakable impact on this team that has been the worst in the Western Conference without him. Entering Friday's game at Atlanta, the Hornets are 8-26 without Gordon (.235 winning percentage) and 9-7 with him (.562). The recovery process is still ongoing, too, as Gordon – who is averaging 16.4 points a game but is shooting a career-low 39.6% from the field since returning Dec. 29 – continues to rest on the second night of back-to-backs while playing with a minutes limit (35 per).

But the larger question of whether Gordon is happy as a Hornet can't be answered quite so easily.

Seven months after he tried to force his way to Phoenix and made it widely known that he was upset with how the Hornets handled his free agency, Gordon isn't about to declare his long-term love for New Orleans because, well, he has been hurt before. He will focus on the immediate future of helping with his young team's evolution, he says, trying to get from "80%" health, as he deems himself, to 100% while shoring up the conditioning that continues to limit his effectiveness.

Anything after that, as he has learned the hard way, is hard to predict.

"You never know what could happen," Gordon told USA TODAY Sports by phone when asked if he now sees New Orleans as the long-term spot for him. "The main thing right now is to really focus on this team. After thinking about my injuries and everything, everything is year by year with me. I have to focus on this year. I don't know what's going to happen. You never know what's going to happen."

This much seems clear about Gordon from the evidence gleaned at the moment: With the Feb. 21 trade deadline looming, all signs point to him staying with the Hornets at least through this season. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, Gordon has told team officials he is content and no trade demands have been levied by him or his camp. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of the talks. Per the rules of the league's collective bargaining agreement, Gordon has been eligible to be traded since Dec. 15.

His actions are hardly those of a player who wants out before the deadline, especially considering the leverage that he is on the verge of losing, though that they may be the result of his injury limiting the trade possibilities more than it is a sign that he has had a change of heart. Because Gordon signed a four-year, $58 million offer sheet with Phoenix in the summer that was matched by New Orleans, he has the right to veto any trade made this season (he also can't be traded to the Suns). If he were looking to force his way out, in other words, now would be the time to do so -- so long as there was somewhere he wanted to go where the feeling was mutual.

One rival executive said that although New Orleans is not actively shopping Gordon, the team has shown a willingness to engage in talks about him, and it's known that agent Rob Pelinka is more than open to the idea of a trade for his client. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because the talks were supposed to remain confidential.

Gordon would have to approve the deal, and no such discussions about where he might want to go have taken place between him and the team. Still, the situation remains fluid.

So what does this all mean for Gordon and the Hornets? That the most fascinating of tainted love affairs likely will continue.

Much to the dismay of most Hornets fans, Gordon's experience with the Los Angeles Clippers has forever colored the way he looks at the NBA. He was more comfortable with loyalties and long-term relationships back before they sent him to New Orleans in December 2011 as part of the Chris Paul trade, when the team that drafted him seventh overall out of Indiana in 2008 swore he wouldn't be traded and the emotional ties he felt to the organization were left in knots when the deal was done.

He is, in that regard, like the scorned lover who's reluctant to trust again. And the events of last summer did little to change that.

If Gordon had his way, the Hornets – who had made it clear he was their centerpiece for the future – would have given him the five-year deal that he couldn't get anywhere else as a restricted free agent rather than making him set his own market value and settle for four years (with a player option for the 2015-16 season). Their decision to take the more prudent, passive route led to his public posturing, as Pelinka released a statement about Gordon's desire to sign with the Suns that was nothing short of a power play.

"Phoenix is just where my heart is now," he said in a statement July 4.

Gordon's letter hardly helped his relationship with Hornets fans, who had dealt with a divorce of their own. As if dealing with Paul's exodus wasn't painful enough, they had been disappointed Gordon was only able to play in nine games in his first season there and had to endure a brutal 21-45 campaign along the way. Yet now that he's playing again, Gordon said the situation has improved.

"When I came back, and since we've been playing and winning games, there's definitely a change (in how the fans are treating him)," Gordon said. "I remember from this past summer to about a month or so ago, where I'd hear fans saying, 'Do you really want to be here? I don't think you want to be here.'

"But at the end of the day, you have to understand the NBA is nothing but a business. I've seen guys in the past few years coming and going here – a lot of good guys. Chris Paul, David West. You've had a lot of prominent players come through here and now they're somewhere else. You never know what could happen here."

In other words, some residue from the summer remains.

"At the end of the day it was all about what's the best situation for me," Gordon said. "I knew the Hornets were going to go through a rebuild, and Phoenix was also going through somewhat of a rebuild, but they were going to have more older guys. I just focused on what I felt was going to be best for me and it was very mind boggling when the Hornets were talking about having me very, very long-term and then you have to sign with another team.

"You can say one thing and do another, but at the end of the day I don't get into it. With the things that I've been in with GMs, where I had one GM (former Clippers GM Neil Olshey, who now is in Portland) say that you'll never get traded and the next thing you know that ends up happening a few days later. And now you have another GM who says you're going to be here long term, so you would expect that to be the longest term that you can for being a part of this team (contractually). And I am here long term, but I could've had an opportunity to have five (years) instead of four."

Gordon added he wished Hornets general manager Dell Demps would have shared his vision for the team before free agency as well. Demps declined comment for this story.

"From my perspective, I didn't know who was going to be on the roster this year," he said. "I didn't know who was going to be on this team at all. For sure (he would've liked to have known). I'm close to whatever players who are out here, especially top players out here. When a GM is looking for a good player to make this team successful, don't you want some of your top guys to vibe off of them? A player is going to have more of a relationship with another player than people in the front office."

While Gordon was more than willing to reflect on the offseason drama, he made it clear he's not stuck in the past. It's all about the here and now, he said, about being healthy and productive again while seeing what this young team that includes top draft pick Anthony Davis (13 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.8 blocks a game), forward Ryan Anderson (team-high 16.8 points a game), Gordon and the rest can do.

By all accounts, his rehab stint in Los Angeles was a success. For nearly two months, Gordon spent eight hours a day strengthening his knee at the elite training outfit, Athletes Performance, located inside the Home Depot Center that houses Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy.

Gordon was skeptical of the idea when it was first raised by the Hornets, if only because he already was feeling ostracized and there was a castaway feel to the plan. But the Hornets' motives were pure and mutually beneficial, as they saw it as a chance for him to get the sort of dedicated attention he might not have had while sharing the team's trainers with his teammates.

"That was a very different experience; I've never trained (like that), where you're doing a number of exercises probably for almost an eight-hour timespan," Gordon said. "I'd wake up around 8'o clock, and from 8 to 4 almost every day you're training. And when I'm done training, the next thing you know I've got to watch the Hornets. I watched every game, (to see) what the team does and seeing how I could fit in when I got back playing."

He has received rave reviews since returning, with team officials lauding his leadership and professionalism while being relieved he appears content. For Gordon's part, he's simply glad to be back.

"It was definitely a mental roller coaster for sure," he said. "I didn't have time to train with the guys during training camp, and then I go to L.A. for almost two months to rehab on my knee and I'm trying to get that together. Then it's just trying to find some type of success when you're going through rehab and we're going through a rebuild with this young team. It's tough."

He's playing, though, which means the short-term happiness abounds while some questions about the long-term outlook remain.

"I think we're in a pretty good place as far as the future; definitely the future is bright," Gordon said. "It's all about having the right chemistry and core of guys that's going to be around and making sure (New Orleans) is the right place to be."

http://www.usatoday.... - Top Stories)

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Posted February 14, 2013 - 09:45 PM

Mavericks, Warriors and Rockets Interested In Eric Gordon

Posted Image

By Chris Broussard | ESPN Insider

With the trade deadline just a week away, there's plenty of talking going on around the league. Most of the discussions will lead to nothing, and much of what you hear as a reporter is not worthy of a full-fledged story. But scuttlebutt is interesting nonetheless and can give you an idea of what teams are thinking and what they might seek to do in the future.

So here's what I'm hearing. I'm emptying the notebook this week to share what's blowing in the trade winds right now.

We all know Eric Gordon wanted to sign with Phoenix last summer and many around the league believe he would still rather not be in New Orleans. That's prompted several clubs to call the Hornets about Gordon's availability. Those calls, in turn, led New Orleans to start calling around to gauge Gordon's trade value.

So would New Orleans trade him?


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Posted February 20, 2013 - 03:06 AM

Eric Gordon For Klay Thompson?

Posted Image

The New Orleans Hornets are interested in Klay Thompson should trade talks with the Golden State Warriors on Eric Gordon advance.

The Hornets matched Gordon's four-year, $58 million offer sheet with the Phoenix Suns last offseason.

Gordon remains on restriction in playing back-to-back games.

"I don’t really get caught up to it,’’ Gordon said Tuesday night about trade rumors. "But you just never know your situation. That’s part of the process but at the end of the day, you can’t worry about that as a player. If it happens, it happens. I’m definitely not worried about it.’’


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Posted April 19, 2013 - 09:44 PM

Sources: Hornets Could Look To Trade Eric Gordon This Summer


In three seasons, New Orleans Hornets Coach Monty Williams has never verbally lashed out at one of his players in front of fans during a game. But in a heat of the moment situation Friday night at EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City against the Utah Jazz, Williams apparently got into a shouting match with starting shooting guard Eric Gordon during a timeout with 8:47 remaining in the third quarter.

The blowup came after a stretch when Gordon committed turnovers on two of the Hornets’ four possessions in the quarter and didn’t appear to hustle back in transition defensively on a possession that ended with forward Paul Millsap scoring on a layup after Anthony Davis blocked Randy Foye’s shot attempt.

After Williams hastily called a timeout with his team trailing the Jazz 57-49, he shouted in Gordon’s direction. NBA.com reported that Williams had to be held back by assistant coach Randy Ayers after Gordon hollered back at him when the team went to the bench.

Williams could not be reached for comment Saturday, and the Hornets said they had nothing to say regarding the matter.

In explaining why he didn’t play Gordon after the third-quarter flare up, Williams said after Friday night’s game they simply decided to go in a different direction.

"We needed a little bit more effort getting off those screens,’’ Williams said.

Gordon sat at the end of the bench, but appeared engaged during timeouts. But after the game, Gordon appeared to be puzzled about getting benched. He also made no mention of the shouting match.

He finished with seven points on two-of-three shooting, playing just more than 17 minutes. It was the Hornets’ eighth consecutive loss on the road.

"There was nothing wrong physically, it was just his decision to take me out of the game,’’ said Gordon, who remains on strict restrictions by team doctors to not play in the second game of back-to-back sets.

"I thought we were (in a good flow). You always make adjustments throughout the game. We're down at halftime by two points, and two or three possessions (in the third quarter), I'm out of there. I'd love to figure (it) out. You always want to do what's best for the team. Since he took me out, he took me out. I definitely wanted to be out there for sure.’’

The Hornets won't announce their lineup for Sunday's game against the Phoenix Suns until about 90 minutes before tip-off, but Gordon is likely to return to his starting role.

Although he is the Hornets’ leading scorer with a 16.5 average with six games left in the regular season, the Hornets’ fan base continues to have a difficult time embracing Gordon, who was acquired in December 2011 in a blockbuster trade from the Los Angeles Clippers that involved former Hornets guard Chris Paul.

A majority of fans in New Orleans have not forgotten the comments Gordon made last summer after he became a restricted free agent and agreed to a four-year, $58 million offer sheet with the Suns, which the Hornets matched even though Gordon said his "heart was in Phoenix."

The Hornets were unable to pull off a trade involving Gordon before the February trade deadline, but the franchise is still likely to remain open to trading him after this season ends, according to sources Saturday.


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Posted April 24, 2013 - 06:37 PM

Dell Demps Not Ruling Out Eric Gordon Trade


By John Reid, NOLA.com | The Times Picayune

With concrete plans to make the team better by next season, New Orleans Pelicans General Manager Dell Demps didn’t rule out the possibility the franchise could trade shooting guard Eric Gordon this summer.

During an end of season news conference Monday at the New Orleans Arena, Demps said if a deal arises with Gordon or any other player the Pelicans will have to look at it after finishing with a 27-55 record and missing the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

Gordon led the Hornets with a 17.0 scoring average, but he missed 40 games due to a right knee injury and had strict restrictions imposed by team doctors that held him out of the second game of back-to-back sets to avoid overworking his knee.

"To say if I anticipate him being back – I don’t know if that’s something I can answer right now, or him not to be back,’’ Demps said. "We’re going to sit down and evaluate every situation and opportunity.

"But for a guy to come back from injury like that, I thought he had some ups and some downs, but I still think his future is bright as an NBA player.’’

The Hornets matched the Phoenix Suns’ four-year, $58 million sheet to Gordon last summer to retain him as a restricted free agent. But Gordon missed the first 29 games of this season because of a patella tendon disorder and bone bruise in his right knee.

He didn’t return until Dec. 29 and then was placed on restrictions by team doctors that included for him not to average more than 30 minutes a game. Those restrictions were not lifted until April 9-10 when he played back-to-back games against the Lakers and Sacramento Kings and combined to average 22.5 points.

In February, Gordon became the focus of trade rumors. But several teams apparently had concerns about his health issues and the size of his contract and the trade deadline passed with the Hornets making a deal.

"I thought it was tough on Eric coming back from injury, not having training camp, missing a number of games, not being able to play in back-to-backs,’’ Demps said. "I thought that he really tried to fight through the situation.’’

With Gordon sidelined for the opening two months of the season, the Hornets' young players had to grow up fast. Rookie guard Austin Rivers was thrust into the starting lineup when he appeared like he wasn’t ready, especially offensively. The Hornets had a 7-22 record before Gordon returned.

"Obviously, it’s easy to sit there and blame it on youth or blame it on whatever the players did,'' Coach Monty Williams said. "The bottom line is not just them all the time. I’ve got to do my job as well and I’m not going to hide from that. At the same time, we’re not playing against teams who are not trying to win.

“You look at a lot of those games, we were playing against pretty good teams. Some of those games, you feel like we could have pulled them out but we had planned on that before the season even started.''

Pelicans Executive Vice President Mickey Loomis said they're not happy about the team's 27-55 record in 2012-13, but he said the team had to fight through adversity the entire season because of injuries. In all, 115 games were missed by New Orleans players this season due to injuries.

"Eric from the beginning – missed 40 games,'' Loomis said. "Jason Smith missed 30 games. Anthony (Davis) missed 18 games. We were full strength for only 22 games this season. I believe our record was 11-11 during those 22 games."

Regardless of what decision the Pelicans make about Gordon’s future, Loomis said the franchise is in good hands with Williams and Demps. Loomis gave them both extensions before the regular season began.

"I think, most importantly, we absolutely have the right coach in Monty Williams,’’ Loomis said. "He’s everything that we’re looking for to lead our basketball team.

"We absolutely have the right general manager in Dell Demps. He and his staff made a number of significant moves in this last offseason, and we’re looking forward to having a great offseason plan from him and his staff and from Monty as well.’’

Williams said he will continue working to become a better coach, saying he plans to speak with coaches from other sports, including some NFL coaches.

“During the season, I talk to a number of coaches, whether it be (Gregg Popovich), Coach (Larry) Brown or Nate (McMillan),’’ Williams said. "This summer I’m going to do some different things, maybe talk to some guys in different sports. Last year I got the chance to sit down and listen to (Tony) LaRussa and it was eye-opening some of the things he said that I was able to use this year.

"They were simple things. I don’t mince a lot of words when it comes to me getting better as a coach but I’m always trying to do things necessary to become a better coach. I’m excited for some of the things Mickey has lined up for me as far as being around different voices and learning from people a lot more than I do. I feel like I’m always going to be there trying to improve as a coach.’’


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Posted June 26, 2013 - 10:32 AM

Eric Gordon 'Very Available' In Trade Talks


The New Orleans Pelicans are making Eric Gordon "very available" in trade talks, according to a source that spoke with RealGM.

Gordon signed a four-year, $58 million deal with the Phoenix Suns last offseason that was matched by the Pelicans. Gordon badly wanted to play for the Suns and was publicly disappointed by the Pelicans' decision to match.

Gordon played in just 42 games last season due to a continued string of injuries.




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Posted June 26, 2013 - 02:47 PM

^ Meh, pretty good at times when he's on the court, but that's hardly the case. Don't think you can count on him and on top of that pay him so much.


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Posted June 26, 2013 - 08:23 PM

I would just get rid of him they should have never forced him back after constantly berating the franchise and saying he didn't want to be there or play for them. Even for a few draft picks next year would more than make up for his 'value', which I always thought was grossly over exaggerated.

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Posted June 26, 2013 - 08:26 PM

A fan of this guys game, sucks he cant seem to stay healthy. Can really do a bit of everything and is fun to watch when he is on, sadly a string of injuries leads questions in the back of your mind if he can stay healthy or not.

All I want for Christmas is a Laker girl :D


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Posted June 26, 2013 - 08:29 PM

Since Eric Gordon wanted to go to PHX last offseason, the Suns could do a deal involving the #5 pick for Gordon.




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Posted June 26, 2013 - 08:44 PM

I would just get rid of him they should have never forced him back after constantly berating the franchise and saying he didn't want to be there or play for them.

Completely agree. Don't understand why you'd wanna' keep a player who goes out of his way to make it no secret he doesn't wanna' be there or play for you in the first place. Makes no sense. If their heart isn't it, you find someone else's whose is period.


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Posted June 26, 2013 - 10:15 PM

Great deal for CP3..

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