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Is Howard getting fair treatment from the refs?

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Posted January 21, 2013 - 09:23 AM

I forgot about his goal tending..

Its funny b/c Ibaka and DeAndre Jordan get away with goal tending because of reputation, but Howard and McGee don't. Now I know McGee makes DUMB plays but still, unfair

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Posted January 23, 2013 - 07:43 AM

Yea...right after I create an idiot sig for you

Watch your remarks.

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Posted January 23, 2013 - 08:23 AM

Look some dont like to say nor shed light on it!

Most of the refs despise Kobe & D12 got cheated by refs when he was with MAgic = so its nothing new! The problem is D12 used to be able to play thru the cheating due to his spot up/catch & shoot players on the roster. Now he doesnt have that to fall back on. So its easy for teams to load up & foul our 2 best players & have the majority of the fouls go uncalled. This makes its so easy to defend the Lakers.

But on the other end bums & nonamers even 1st yr players get Superstar treatment vs LA. All the suspect calls, all the 50/50 calls, all the technicals, all the bullsheet technicals, all the touch fouls, all the defensive 3 second,etc calls get called vs LA with no hesitation. But when its happening to the Lakers refs swallow their whistles. Its so bad for kobe when he is on the baseline = as he makes his moves refs turn their head & dont even watch the contact (so he doesnt get calls), Pay attention to gms & see how the same sheet occurs no matter who the ref assignments are for the games.

I think I made a topic thread about Laker hating refs so check it out. If its not on here its on clublakers displaying which refs are accustomed to cheating lakers.
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