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Lakers roster 15 players

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Posted December 15, 2012 - 11:55 PM

15 players, thats how many bodies an nba team gets to take on at anyone time.
Dress 13
and only 5 on the court at once.

Seems like a lot of space.

But the lakers are getting little use out of all of this room.
The lakers need new faces right now, the team is not working, but, at 15 players, the lakers cannot sign a player without cutting another player. Lets break down who is on the Roster

PG: 4 of 15 players
Nash (hurt)
Blake (hurt)
Duhon (starting now, at best he is average)
Morris (young and terrible, he could be a useful NBA player, the lakers are not the place, he needs time to make mistakes, and he can not make mistakes here)

The PG is the lakers worst spot, FOUR roster spots used on a position that the lakers do not have ONE nba caliber player at right now. Nash is hurt, out after a game and a half, never seen nash do his thing with the lakers yet. Lets hope he gets healthy for when the playoffs come. Blake going down was almost worse, not the lakers were down to two point guards, Morris, a 2nd round draft pick with potential and promise, but nothing to show for yet, and Duhon, a throw in to get Dwight Howard in the trade, Duhon has been around the NBA for a while, and was part of the WORST PG rotation last year with Jameair Nelson in orlando. Duhon is doing everything he can to not make mistakes with the lakers. Morris has been looking like a bad rookie. up and a lot of down.

Duhon and Morris are 100% expendible. Morris could be cut at any moment, and Duhon for anything. Once Blake and Nash get back things will get better. Nash will be back soon (HOPEFULLY) and blake not expected back before the new year (but worlds going to end on 12/21/2012 so whatever). This roster spot is a LOT OF TROUBLE.

SG: 3 of 15 players
Kobe (greatest player of all-time?)
Meeks (started for a playoff team last year, young player, streaky shooter, is a SG and nothing else)
Darrius Odom Johnson (Nothing player, no buisness in the NBA or lakers roster, this is the Cut guy)

This spot is locked down.


End of story, Need to say nothing more, but we will. Kobe is undisputablily one of the greatest players in NBA history. A player that works harder then any other all the time, always getting better, never satisfied, His 17th season and leading the NBA in scoring. There are no other SGs out there. Nevermind from his era, the SG spot is his, he has evicerated the entire position. Every team the lakers play, we have the advantage at SG, Kobe is everything to the lakers and the NBA, and the SG position. Top 5 SG Kobe... Then who... Wade? Harden? Honerable mention for Eric Gordon. Manu Ginobli? OJ Mayo? Joe Johnson? It is a wasteland.

Kobe is Kobe
Still 17 years in
Kobe still is Kobe

SF: 2 of 15 spots used
Metta World Peace (yea)

An uninspiring spot... what can you say.. Metta world peace is beyond words... Ebanks is... well, a legal nightmare, and not that great, but hey, lakers won with him starting at SF and Metta at the 4...

PF: 4 of 15 spots
Pau Gasol (one of the best players in the world, and NBA, his downfall and injury this year has been painful to watch. He has looked lost on the NBA level for several years. He looked like the best player on the floor as recently as a few months ago at the Olympics vs Team USA, but on the lakers, he is lost. He is good, he won, and now he doesnt care. He wants his own team, he needs his own ideantitiy, This is a lambigrini in nuetrual. He needs FUEL (touches plus being primary option).

Antwan Jameson (a member of the 20k point club{look it up, its going to happen, and soon!!!!} he matched kobe in a head to head 51 points.. he has put up a great NBA Career. He accepted coming to the Lakers to be an off the bench player to in the NBA to win a NBA title. He has played with Kobe, Shaq, Lebron and he knows who kobe is, and what it means to play with Kobe, he knows Kobe is the best player since MJ, he is one of the few who played against MJ, AND Kobe, in the NBA today. This man is solid)

Jordan HIll (talent, top 10 draft pick, a double double machine, works hard, never had a fair shake in the NBA, we should have never signed jameson, Hill was productive, he can still become better, Something has to happen for him to find it in the NBA.)

Earl Clark (a throw in with the Howard trade. Could he do something, sure, he has talent, just does not have an NBA mentality)

C 2 of 15 spots
Dwight Howard (one of the top 5 players in the NBA. best player at his spot on the court. He will find his grove. He will need to get healthy, and resign with the lakers
Sacre (one of the best 60th picks in the draft ever. Him and Isiah Thomas. perfect 13th or 15 man on a roster)

The lakers have 15 players
Some are going to get moved

This is who we have...

My 5 to get moved, for whatever reason:
Morris (likely to get cut)
Odom-Johnson (D league stuck already, and proved nothing, and cheapest to lose)
Pau (not fitting in)
Jordan Hill (not fitting in)
Ebanks (personal life effects work. Period)

What do you think?
Who is getting cut or moved first?




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Posted December 16, 2012 - 01:16 AM

Blake and duhan should be move but the problem is no one wants them lol

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Posted December 16, 2012 - 01:43 AM

Blake and duhan should be move but the problem is no one wants them lol

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