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Remember when Kobe went off at a practice week or so ago?

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Posted December 08, 2012 - 01:33 AM

From what I heard, Kobe already played the "You don't know anything about winning championships!" card with Howard — during a scrimmage last week, when the second team beat the first team partly because Howard checked out (he wasn't getting the ball enough), followed by Kobe blistering him.


Yikes!! I knew the story came out that Kobe was cursing out teammates during a practice, but I had no idea it was directed towards Howard and especially in such a belittling way. I mean I don't dislike what Kobe said, but again, I thought it was at Gasol or something...

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Posted December 08, 2012 - 01:59 AM


These two need to both be going at each other in practice. And him and Kobe already have the understanding that Kobe isn't going to let anything slide and will tear into him and that Dwight wants that. It was talked about during the OKC game. But of course people blow it out of proportion. Kobe has always been like this.

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Posted December 08, 2012 - 02:19 AM

If Dwight wants to go because he can't take Kobe, then so be it. To be a Laker, you need some thick skin. If Dwight leaves, we gots lots of money ready to go in summer of 2014.

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Posted December 08, 2012 - 02:23 AM

kobe and dwight are beggining to remind me very slightly, of kobe and shaq...(see the first post on this page)

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Posted December 08, 2012 - 03:11 AM

Howard does need to toughen up just like Pau. He has nowhere near the intimidating factor Shaq or Kobe had during their greatest combo years. He needs to stare down the opponents and punish'em not just defensively but offensively too. Kobe is trying to teach him that, hard way but still... Once he gets that, there is no stopping this team. No more 4th quarter drama. It's all about accepting it mentally, not let it linger for years like Lebron did.

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Posted December 08, 2012 - 04:37 AM

Howard was crying about lack of touches in a scrimmage. Kobe told him off. Their team-mates it doenst mean the end of the world.
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