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LeBron James Returning To Cleveland

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#2761 Majesty


    Grats on making the Raiderettes cuzzo!!

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Posted Yesterday, 08:53 PM

Here is the Cavs problem compared to Miami.

Miami had a proven great defensive coach that had the Heat a top 5 defensive team before lebron and bosh got there.

So their problem was just figuring out their offense cause their defense was fully capable. Once they figured out their offense things just rolled cause their defense was already set and they had a great defensive coach.

The Cavs problem is quite frankly they can't stop anybody and aren't built to defensively stop anybody. They have a potential explosive and scary offense but the drawback is they have no defenders.

Like I said, they are the d'antoni suns with an old marion and no raja bell. But an explosive offense that will carry them to many wins when they're on. But their lack of defense almost negates that unless whomever they face is cold. Because they are still giving up wide open looks.

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Posted Yesterday, 09:29 PM

Love is no Bosh. Wonder when he will finally get over 40% shooting.

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#2763 Majesty


    Grats on making the Raiderettes cuzzo!!

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Posted Today, 01:45 AM

Meanwhile in Minnesota... 

Andrew Wiggins 29 points *Career and Rookie High*


Anthony Bennett 20 points

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Jay Cee

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Posted Today, 04:50 AM

My brother and I talked about this when the Cavs formed. People were saying this big three of Lebron, Love, Irving is better than Miami's big three of Lebron, Bosh, Wade. Best laugh I've had in a while.

Wade (at the time he joined up with Lebron in Miami) was a WAY better player than Kyrie is. Defensively, athletically, he had more experience, and he's played with a superstar before and proven he could adjust his game. While Kyrie is a good player, his game has so many deficiencies and he hasn't proven anything except he can lead a sub .500 team of scrubs. He still acts like a kid. Wade was a premier shooting guard, second only to Kobe who was winning rings and still dunking on dunkers. If you still believe Irving is better than Wade was we can talk stats too, check em out.

Bosh in Toronto was a beast. He couldn't grab boards like Love, and he didn't have three point range (yet) but he could still score and defensively... I don't think I even need to speak about the defensive end because we all know Love is Casper on defense. Bosh adjusted his game, learned how to stretch the floor out to the 3. And his length and mobility on the defensive end was crucial to Miami's success defensively, being able to come out and contest jumpers and guard pick and roll and rotate the way the Heat needed to rotate on the perimeter because of their lack of size down low. While overall Love vs Bosh may seem like a dumb question, I still feel that Bosh was capable of doing everything Love did offensively to a slightly lesser degree, yet Love could NEVER play the defense that Bosh played.

The last piece of the big three puzzle, and the most important: Lebron. Lebron was in his athletic prime. He's STILL one of the best athletes in the game, but he's already shown signs of slowing down just a hair. That's why he lost all that weight in the offseason. Lebron is a great player and he has an outstanding basketball IQ, but his success as a player in my opinion was because of his size. He's bigger and stronger than every other power forward in the game, and him losing all that weight is only going to take away that advantage. I understand why he did it, but I think he'll find that as his athleticism declines with age, so will the rest of his game and he's already a month away from 30.

I thought Cleveland would be better than this, but I always knew there was no way they'd be as good as Miami was.

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Posted Today, 05:43 AM

 Because they are still giving up wide open looks.

I have seen that somewhere else too ....

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