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"I told the team if we're not averaging 110-115 points a game, we need to talk"

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 06:40 AM

That's the famous quote from Mike D'Aoni durnig his first press conference. Apparently it doesn't resinate as of yet. 77 points in a game? Thats even lower than the Phil Jackson "more than 7 seconds or less" offense which usually uses all the 24 second game clock. Now for the Phil Jackson apologist, enough with the [expletive]ing and crying of "why we dont getting phil" blah blah blah. What's done is done. And please don't cry for Mike D'Antoni's head because he will be our coach the rest of te season. We dont have time to hire and fire coaches just because we struggle for a period of time. You just look stupid if you do.

Now there are some bright spots here. Steve Nash is not playing which means we don't know how this offense will truely run yet. But what is the real issue here? How many issues does this team really have? Is it mainly because of bad free throws? I know dwight is a huge part of it but last I check, other guys actually knows how to shoot free throws too. Is it because of turnovers? Kobe is known to turn the ball over a lot even during his younger years but some of the turnovers is the cause of his team mates not helping him out and coming to the ball. Or is it defense? You can blame coach Mike (No D) Antoni for his famous no defense schemes but if people actually understand basketball, defense is pretty much hustle and positions. I thought Dwight was the best defensive big man in the game? All of a sudden he forgot how to play defense? Didn't Kobe won several defensive awards in his career and part of a defensive team for several years? Suddenly he forgot how to play defense? And Metta World Tragedy proclaimed himself to be the best defensive wingman in the league. So far he's all talk.

But do you think the real issue is personels? Maybe we truely don't have shooters. All this Metta World Piece love lately makes me sick. I never think he was a shooter in the first place. He is known for defense. All of a sudden just because he was hot for a couple of quarters once in a while people put him in the Ray Allen catagory? DO we really have shooters? Besides Kobe who is more of a scorer, do we really have shooters? I can't find it. And Pau who at times can play like a hall of famer is totally not fit this offense for some reason. Our bench sucks and inconsistant.

So this 7 seconds or less and this averaging 110 pts a game plan is not working. Unless you guys are looking forward to an up and down season, somebody needs to figure out what to do with this roster. I believe it is time to trade a couple of people. Maybe bring in some free agent shooters or something. We need shooters. Our defense most likely will be better if our offense is flowing well. A lot of basketball people said good offense create good defense because when you actually make shots, players feel good and able to have more energy on the defensive side.

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 06:47 AM

Meeks is our only pure shooter right now. He can't do [expletive], besides catching the ball and shooting a 3. That's it .. And he's doing it very insonsistently. We saw he can get hot .. once .. In like 14-15 games. We need this guy to shoot 4-5 threes a night and make at least half of them. We need him to score at least 10 points a game off the bench.

I think Metta deserves his praise right now. He's been known to hit an occasional three, but he has been inconsistent .. very inconsistent.
Right now he's shooting very well. He's not a pure shooter, that's a fact, but he's making the shots, right ? That's what we need right now .. He's been doing what our "pure shooters" and "pure scorers" hasn't been able to do so far this season (not mentioning Kobe ofc)

It's all about consistency ..

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 06:51 AM

I don't think even good or great shooters would help right now. Why? Because even they need to have some kind of rhythm. Right now the offense has no rhythm; zero. Nash will help of course, but even then it's going to take a really long time to develop to the point where the offense is second nature...

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 07:27 AM

Nash shoots well. but chemistry with new players and a new system will take time

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 08:38 AM

Said it in the other thread a trillion times, but this system is built around the fact that there is a facilitator who people collapse on, then that facilitator has decisions to make. Do I hit this guy, that guy or maybe even the other guy over there? Or do I shoot it?

Kobe has been that guy in our wins while Nash is out and needs to be that guy till Nash comes back. We are not going to win games if Kobe doesn't play that role in the meantime till Nash gets back.

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 02:24 PM

Team is basically being blown up by Jim Buss in slow motion. Pringles can't impose his style on this roster.

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 02:42 PM

Well what's done is done like you said but I doubt that if we had picked Phil this would be happening, Phil is a guy that knows how to make the stars align he's done it time and time again and he's never failed but what is done... is done we are stuck with what we have at least for now I wouldn't be surprised if something crazy happens after this failure of a season comes to an end.

Now Mike no D'Antoni did in fact say that and since his debut we only gotten to at least 110 twice in 6 games the times we did not we stayed around 90ish points then last night we scored our season low 77. Obviously the transition to this offense has been hard and I expected not only that but I know that this high scoring offense is not what this team needs.

On the bright spot yea we don't have Nash but at the same time he's not going to fix the all the issues we have. Our main problems comes in our defense with Dwight still struggling and Gasol looking lost, Kobe has been slowing down on D basically everyone except Hill (who for some reason Mike has cut down on mins. which makes no sense) and Artest needs to pick up the energy and start playing harder on the defensive end.

This team is lacking some shooters for sure especially consistent ones. This offense needs 3 pt shooters at least 2-3 on the court the whole game not counting our PG and that is something we don't have. If this is the offense that the team is going to keep for the whole season then Gasol needs to be traded for a quicker and good shooter 4. There are so many problems with this offense is not even funny for me it just shows how Jim has made yet another hiring mistake as Mike's is 3-3 to start that is not a significant upgrade I bet Phil is just sitting somewhere enjoying what's going on.

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