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ESPN's lack of capability

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Posted November 10, 2012 - 07:07 AM

I know that anyone that actually follows the sport already knows that ESPN is a joke, but yesterday was exceptional. Ignoring the fact that Skip and Broussard (with his sources) are considered infallible, I found the coverage of the events to be horrid. Anyone else notice during one ten minute segment how the Sportscenter anchor asked three different analysts (SAS, Magic, and McMenniman) if Kobe was to blame for the firing? At this point, there was no question that he had no hand in this btw. The question illustrates yet again how the network makes junk up and lacks the ability to actually do real journalism. Just sad that as the real journalists for the sport are offering insightful analysis, the clowns at ESPN continue to fill the airwaves with sensationalism.

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Posted November 10, 2012 - 08:08 AM

I saw today they were asking lebron on what he thinks of the situation, like it's any of his business. They were just trashing the organization as if we fired Brown for no reason. If all those analysts sat down and watched a whole game maybe they would understand that the Princeton offense wasn't working, our so called defensive-minded coach wasn't instilling defense in our players, that his rotations were just absolutely horrendous, and that we weren't running pick and roll with steve nash and dwight howard. Don't these people remember last season when Brown took Kobe out near the end of a close game because he "felt like making a sub". What kind of logic is that? The main thing these analysts forget is that d12 is still a free agent after this season. Basically the Lakers made a decision on whether they wanted to drag this drama out into the middle of the season, or actually make a drastic move and prevent anymore problems from escalating.
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Posted November 10, 2012 - 08:13 AM

that's why I don't watch BSPN

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Posted November 10, 2012 - 08:36 AM

what why are you watching the fake take anyway isn't there enough Tebow hoghlites for Skiped getting brains to savor? Stopped viewing long ago.

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Posted November 10, 2012 - 08:43 AM

media is two-faced, they trash brown for not delivering and knock his coaching, then when lakers do the smart thing, they act all surprised

they keep saying "5" games, but this team wasn't coming out prepared since last year

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Posted November 10, 2012 - 08:53 AM

media is two-faced, they trash brown for not delivering and knock his coaching, then when lakers do the smart thing, they act all surprised

they keep saying "5" games, but this wasn't coming out prepared since last year

This is exactly why you dont over-react with what the hating media tries to stage for their propaganda reasons to create turmoil & chaos in Laker land! They hate Kobe & develop stats just to discredit the mans game & accomplishments & every season they find or create reasons to divide the team & Organization. some of you laker stans fall for the bait & force FO hands like what just happened with Brown firing.
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Posted November 10, 2012 - 08:53 AM

yall acting brand new
BSPN been waiting for some [expletive] to stir up in LA
this is what they do
only Kobe can stop Kobe.

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Posted November 10, 2012 - 08:54 AM

I always watch sportscenter, and I like around the horn and PTI, and some of the 30 for 30s are good. I don't watch them for their reporting or analysis,, I have other multiple sources for that. Just entertainment, I like Tony Reali, I like JA, Bomani, the Not Top 10, Wilbon, etc. I realize Skip comes across as a clown and everybody hates him, but that's just his tv persona. He argues a lot of those things just for the sake of debate. I don't watch First Take though, I'll agree that it sucks haha. It's sports entertainment, I feel like maybe some of you are taking it a little too seriously. Just my opinion though, if you want to spend time hating a tv personality because he loves Tebow go for it.

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Posted November 10, 2012 - 11:54 AM


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