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Blake & Duhon are being shopped

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Posted October 15, 2012 - 06:35 PM

He was equally bad in the '10-11 and '11-12 seasons. His ineffective play on the court, regular statistics, and especially advanced statistics reflect how terrible a player he was. He can't run pick-and-roll because he is apparently incapable of driving the lane. I've seen him hesitate on countless opportunities over the last two years, he is just too damn tentative in doing anything on the floor.

In '10-11, he was the absolute worst PG in the entire league by advanced metrics (amongst guards playing 20+ minutes at PG). In '11-12 he was 2nd only to Derek Fisher during his stint with OKC. The majority of his shot attempts were assisted by other players both seasons (82% in '09-10, 62% last year, led the league in this category), yet he still shot an abysmal sub 38% from the field both seasons. That's unacceptable from a guy who has the majority of his shots as WIDE OPEN LOOKS.

His terrible play is obvious to anyone that has watched the games over the last two years. You don't need advanced metrics to tell you that, but it's nice to have the numbers alongside as further proof. He is a terrible PG, easily amongst the worst in the league.

Can't drive in, can't defend, can't create looks for others (passing along the perimeter/feeding Kobe Isolation does not count), and he's a terrible shooter who clangs the majority of his attempts. No matter how you look at it, he is a terrible PG. A new system will not make any difference when he's going to get the same open looks he has gotten throughout the last two years.

He's a complete liability on the floor, almost invisible at times. The Lakers are well aware of this, that's why they had been searching so desperately for an actual PG the last two seasons. They realize that Blake is completely incapable as a player for this team.

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Posted October 15, 2012 - 09:26 PM

I always look to his first game as a Laker when we played a lot of PnR and Shannon was our 2 and how well Blake played in the PnR that game and how both Barnes and Gasol set him up very well for drives and dishes and how involved he was in the on the bench offense whether it was passing or shooting off screens. That is the kind of offense he is the most comfortable in. But as the season went on it kind of settled into that he was just a knockdown shooter and we didn't use PnR much anymore just looked for him to be open and I really didn't like seeing that. Even so, I thought he played "alright" in the system, Phil should have NEVER brought him back when he was sick and I'm sure even Phil regrets that. But when he played PnR with us off Gasol and sometimes Barnes and had a compotent 2 like Shannon on the court things seemed to flow better.

Hence why I think the Princeton is going to suit him perfectly when he has a player like Meeks or CDR next to him and Pau and/or Howard setting some screens. I think he'll have a better year. I don't see him re-emerging to Portland form but I expect him to play better than he has in a while.

Besides a couple games, Hes played like [expletive] for 2 years straight.

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