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Shane Battier: Refs Encourage Flopping

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Posted October 02, 2012 - 02:22 PM


Shane Battier says refs tell him to flop, sell contact

Last week, when the NBA announced plans to fine players for flopping, the reaction was almost uniformly positive. Fans don't like flopping, what with its foundations in deception, and any attempt to combat it seemed like a good idea. While I have doubts that any flopping policy can be enforced effectively, I also understand why the NBA felt the need to do something. It's an unpopular practice that they want to curtail any way they can.

Players and coaches have also been pleased by the news. However, Miami Heat forward Shane Battier, known as one of basketball best charge-taking defenders during his four years at Duke and 11 NBA seasons, is not so pleased with the idea. From Tom Haberstroh for ESPN.com's Heat Index:

Shane Battier doesn't agree that it's a win for the league. When asked about the new measures to try to combat flopping, Battier delivered an impromptu speech for surrounding reporters. The only thing that was missing was a podium and a campaign banner.

"There's a myriad of issues where you could dissect this proposed rule," Battier said. "There's not a consensus on what a flop is. How much force constitutes a flop? Is a basketball person making that decision? Is an administrative person making that decision? How much is the fine going to be? There's a very gray area. I still maintain that offensive flopping has to be penalizing, too. Let's call it both ways." [...]

"The unfortunate thing about the block/charge [distinction] is that I've had many, many times where a ref told me that you have to go to the floor to get the call. By the letter of the law, I've taken a hit, but I've stood on my feet. Even though I've gotten nailed, the ref calls it a no-call. I say, 'Ref, what's wrong with that [charge]?' He says, 'You have to go down to get the call.'

"Inherently, there's something wrong with that."

FULL ARTICLE inside link.


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Posted October 02, 2012 - 02:44 PM

going down after you get hit hard and going down to make it LOOK like you got hit hard, are two different things. I used to REALLY respect the way Shane played defense... since he has gotten to Miami he's flop'in all over the place.

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