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1st song released from my new album

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Posted June 21, 2012 - 04:05 PM

I've had some pressure from peepz to release a lil something. So here folx.

But cha gotta go to my site to listen cuzz youtube dont pay billz ;) No logins required.
Thanks & Bless!

Verse 1
There's someone out there rite now trying to get his money on
Stick to the code let your hustle get your hustle on
Some scratch for scratch while I snatch it all
I got a shoe deal and I aint play ball
For rilla do you filla I do
I aint understand what un-motivated you
Its mid night and here I am again
Putting heat on paper where you at then friend
Out with them beezies playing a pretender
I'm in the hatch creating trying to get it shaking
This a mans game so go home maiden
I laid low in the shadows patiently waiting
Mr. D got business in sync
Correspond with my homey Ant D.O.G. from the Link
From the Rose to Atlanta scramble haters better duck us
We always on fire and cant nobody touch us.

Actuality is salary get some get some get some fast
Money is muscle better get some while it lasts
If you need to take it take it take it if you will
Money brings the good and bad to surface what can kill
Actuality is salary get some get some get some fast
Money is muscle better get it while it lasts
If you need to take it take it take it if you will
Hell fire and angel waters dollar dollar bills


Verse 2
When I play the game there's one thing I do
I always bring-bring the whole arsenal to you
Magazines max capacity ya'll have thee audacity
Never test a man who's souls embedded by tenacity
Killing every line like Gods the Composer
I bow down to no one Jay Z aint my HOVA
Fully automatic I track it like no other
My UZI fires 30 different shades pick a color
Mr. D building my brand
Call me a pyro I'm fire on demand
To burn is in my DNA inferno interwoven
I didn't fire all I had I gave it a promotion
Its what I call devotion it aint for faint hearted
Otherwise its an abortion because its dead before it started
I get it get it good and my flame burns internal
Always on Fire because my flame is eternal.


Verse 3 featuring: ANT D.O.G.
Me and my youngsters we getting it even out in the rain
All on the track got them moving like a train
Dollars dollars I keep stuff in
Slide up on him with his [expletive] he starts cuffing cuffing
Puffin on that sweet tooth kush
Getting blown like a blunt by a chick with a bush
Game colossal hustle harder than fossils
Bench press Kate looking for more to make
And if it aint cool I'm looking for something to take
And pull out the tool if I got to make a break
Got five for the snakes bullets for the jakes
[expletive] the police they know about me
I'm always on fire hotter than a burning tire
Like Lava I melt them till they all expire
I don't give a [expletive] the hell with the expeditions
Under suspicions but no convictions.


Always on fire
We always on fire

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