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Pretty Cool Internet Browser

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Posted August 01, 2012 - 12:54 PM

wow this browser seems really cool. Im downloading it for my mac as i speak.

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Posted August 02, 2012 - 07:10 AM

The split screen thing can be done with any browser on Windows 7

Exactly. I do it all the time at work - very helpful tool.

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Posted August 04, 2012 - 02:49 PM

Statistically, it's the fastest browser, it takes up the least memory and it opens the quickest beating Chrome, FireFox and IE.

I would like to challenge your claim that Maxthon is the fastest web browser. Where did you get this statistic? According to FutureMark, one of the world's most trusted companies for computer benchmarks (3D benchmarking, hardware benchmarking and web browser benchmarking), Google Chrome is the fastest web browser. Their free service is called "PeaceKeeper", and you can use this free web interface to compare browser speeds.

Since September 19th, 2011 Google Chrome has been the fastest web browser. Maxthon may use less memory for you personally in Windows compared to other browsers, but in all actuality, Chromium on a Linux os is going to consume the least amount of memory. Been there, done that.

While I do not argue that Maxthon is a good browser that offers some unique features, I would by no means call it the best internet browser. If it suits you personally, it may be the best internet browser to you. But if you just lay the facts out side by side, it is not the best browser. It is proprietary and only works on Windows. Because it is proprietary, it is not opensource, as opposed to Firefox and Chrome. Because it is not opensource, the community (internet in general) can not program contributions to it, and the plugin/theme community is therefore slower than that of Firefox's and Chrome's. Obviously, this means core patches are released slower too.

I have used Maxthon on Windows before and it is a great browser. But there are more cons than pros for the average enthusiast. It may suffice for an average Windows user. I'd still prefer Chrome or Firefox over it. They are statistically superior.


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