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Were You Blind

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Posted January 24, 2012 - 01:51 AM

Did anyone but me not see this coming years ago. Even when we were winning championships the stars aligned perfectly. Did you forget the Boston series? Did you forget Ron Rons tip in. Having trouble with old ass Pheonix? Thanking god Durant was so young he practically froze? How many times have we beaten a LeBron James team in the last 6 or 7 years. How many times have we beaten Portland in the last 4 or 5 years. And thank god Denver blew up their team. When Blake Griffin was a rookie I posted Pau for Blake and some of you guys called me crazy. Hmmmmmmm

During these 3 years when we made the playoffs we beat the best teams in the NBA. Yes we beat them. That's what's important. No stars aligned .. it's the team that found a way to win. They played hard during the season which got them good records. That helped against Houston, Oklahoma, Phoenix and Boston. There were 2 occasions when I think we got a lil bit lucky. 2009 when Yao got hurt and 2010 when Perkins got hurt. I agree that luck helped us there, but to assume that we won those 2 championships just on luck is ignorant.

I see you've been a Laker fan for decades, sir, so you need to know better. Everything happened for a reason .. Durant didn't froze. He was well guarded by Artest (back then Ron was still a great defender) and the Thunder were inexperienced and couldn't win on the road in LA.

About Lebron. We all know regular season records and "achievements" don't mean [expletive] .. Dallas, Cleveland (2 times) and Chicago (last year) had great records, but choked in the playoffs. To think that Lebron could carry his team to the Finals, going past the experienced Celtics and Pistons is silly .. He's a quitter, a regular season MVP, not a Finals MVP .. The 2008-2010 Cavs were not nearly as deep and experienced as the Lakers and could never beat them in a 7-game series.

Denver .. We always beat them in the playoffs .. Always had, always will .. Just like Utah ..

About Griffin .. When Blake Griffin was a rookie, Pau was still a top 5 big man, so I understand why people called you crazy. And I really don't understand all this Griffin love. The guy is a freak athlete and that's it .. Plus he's a douche and a flopper .. I don't really like the guy.

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Posted January 24, 2012 - 09:26 AM

yeah of course, you saw it all 3 years ago, give me a break. Go and have a soda.

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