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LA Noire from GTA Creators

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Posted June 23, 2011 - 06:22 PM


LA Noire is coming to PC this fall :rock:

awesome, can't wait to dowloa....buy this and batman arkham city

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Posted June 24, 2011 - 12:37 AM

This game is so BORING...

I cannot recommend anyone to buy this game...
Rent it

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Posted June 24, 2011 - 02:33 AM

This game is so BORING...

I cannot recommend anyone to buy this game...
Rent it

You're wrong ... because it might not even be worth a rent.

I just finished the game and I am so damn disappointed. This game had a lot of potential to be something great, but it failed miserably. Let me say this, I bought the game knowing that it would be repetitive and slow. I wasn't expecting an action game or a GTA clone. But I thought, who cares about that, I want this game for the storyline/the interrogations/being able to solve mysteries. But it turns out, the game fails in those areas as well. The main story doesn't even come together until the end, and it turns out to be an uninteresting mess. The interrogations don't give you any freedom at all. They make it obvious whether a person is lying or telling the truth, but you only have 3 vague options to chose from (Lie, Truth, Doubt) and it's hard to tell what your character says. For example, you might think Doubt would be a good way to coax info out of the person, but you have no control of what your character says. Sometimes your character responds to a Doubt by calmly explaining it to the person, and sometimes he just goes crazy and starts threatening them so you get no info. And there is absolutely no mystery to the game. Every case is so linear to the point where everythings standard procedure. You go to Point A, question Person A. You go to Point B, and chase down Person B. You go to the station and interrogate Person A and Person B. Case over. There's no thinking involved.

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