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Heir'z Corner: Never Gonna Get It

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#1 Grandpa Herman

Grandpa Herman


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Posted September 29, 2008 - 03:30 PM

True colors? So what. Should people be judged any differently if they choose one or the other. No one has that right. Is a Laker fan first any better than a Kobe fan first and vice versa. Hell no. Is there a rule that says you can't be a fan of both? When you root for a player, its also in the best interest of the team. Its silly and stupid when one side bashes another because its all relative and objective. Kobe will always give it a 100% when he's on the court, the Lakers on the other hand prior to the 07-08 season have not been committed to winning. No individual is more important than the "Team"? Yeah, for players like Mark Madsen or Samaki Walker. But tell that to Michael Jordan. Tell that to Kobe Bryant when he had to average 35 ppg just to get the Lakers barely in the playoffs. Im sorry but when the team consists of Smush Parker, Kwame Brown and Luke Walton as your starting PG, SF and C, Kobe Bean Bryant is the Los Angeles Lakers, name on the front and back.

The point is, you can argue for or against one side, in some people's eyes it doesn't mean you're right. Who cares what people choose, stop with tension within a fan base between the Kobe fans and Laker fans and appreciate both as a whole. Are you gonna hold loyalty against Kobe fans in China, Europe or South America against them because they we're never exposed to the "Los Angeles Lakers" until they saw Kobe play? No side is morally better than the other. Stop making sports so complicated.

It's not about judging people for who they are as people. I could give a damn if you're a judge or a murderer. This is about loyalty. If you only support a player, then you're nothing more than a bandwagon fan. I'm one of the people who became a Laker fan when I was younger because I liked Kobe, but as I grew older and MATURED I learned to appreciate the history, organization, and GREATNESS of not Kobe Bryant, but the Los Angeles Lakers.

Being a true LAKER fan means that you're on their side throughout the good times AND the bad. But if Kobe were to leave today and became a New York Knick and you decided to follow him, then you were never a real Laker fan to begin with.

What kind of man is in THAT MUCH support of another man that he'll follow and become a fan of whatever team he goes to? If you're a grown [expletive] man and ANOTHER man has that much of an influence over your feelings and state of mind, then I don't have to spell out what that is. You know exactly what you are.

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Posted October 01, 2008 - 04:08 PM

Yeh, I've always been a team fan first than a player fan. Even though Kobe Bryant is my favorite player, if he were to leave to another team, I'd still be a fan of him, but I would always support the Lakers first.

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Posted October 01, 2008 - 04:12 PM

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Same way, not as big of a Kobe fan as i use to, it didn't really effect me when Kobe asked to be traded

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