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HTC Evo 4g vs Apple Iphone 4

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Posted July 20, 2010 - 10:27 AM

you guys,

i need to know which phone is better. they both have tremendous ups and downs. but i dont know which phone to choose, and I've been waiting too long. so i need your help.

ups on HTC:
bigger screen
better carrier (sprint)
8 megapixel camera

downs on HTC:
screen falls off
battery life sucks penis
not great Apps
mp3 player sucks

ups on Iphone4:
better apps
mp3 player (ipod)
better screen
better camera
user friendly

downs on iphone 4:
the antennae issue
costs more (plan wise)
AT&T is the worst carrier where i live
cant customize like the HTC
stuck with one same apple format
no 4g

so do you guys have anything that can add to these lists plz?

hard time making the decision.

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Posted July 20, 2010 - 10:52 AM

iPhone 4 con:

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Posted July 20, 2010 - 11:33 AM

My girl has the EVO & my cuz has the iPhone so I can help ya with this.

ups on HTC:
bigger screen (There really is no way to describe the screen, you just have to see it, its not just big its great looking. The colors look great & resolution is great as well)

4g (4G is awesome, my girl gets almost the same speeds she gets when using wifi)
android (Android is solid & offers a lot of customizations, also widgets & actual multitasking. I prefer webOS but that's a different topic haha)

better carrier (sprint) (Sprint has been head & shoulders above all the other carriers i've used. Never had issues & customer support is great, plus comparing the plans with ATT, you save 1000's of dollars a year, with Sprint you can call any cell phone in the US no matter their carrier for free!)

hdmi (Honestly havent had a chance to use this yet because we don't have the cable yet)

8 megapixel camera (Camera is great, people are sleeping on this camera best i've seen so far & that included iPhone 4's, plus the front camera is 1.3MP while iphone 4 front is wga)

downs on HTC:

screen falls off (Never had this happen, read that this happened to about 3% of EVO's sold and was given replacement phones asap)

battery life sucks penis (Its like any smartphone if you have all your radio's on all day of course its going to use battery, but my girl gets through over a day on a single charge easy)

not great Apps (I don't know about this, not great gaming yea but other apps are just as good. If you want great 3D games go with iphone or Palm Pre)

mp3 player sucks (Music player is actually real good on EVO, sucked on the Hero cuz it didn't have the power to handle it, but I know a developer that is making a killer music player for Android, he made it for webOS & trust me its the best music player for a smartphone period)

ups on Iphone4:

better apps (Better gaming, but that's about it really. Don't get quantity confused with quality)

mp3 player (ipod) (This for me is the best part of a iphone, the fact that its a multimedia player first & they did a great job)

better screen (Screen is bright & colorful, but i wouldn't say its better its a wash really)

better camera (Like i said from personal use the EVO's camera has been better)

user friendly (Very easy interface)

downs on iphone 4:

the antennae issue (Sad really, but true)

costs more (plan wise) (Costs a lot more)

AT&T is the worst carrier where i live (ATT has been nothing but problems for everyone i know that uses it)

cant customize like the HTC (Would have to jailbreak but still Android has more mods & easier i think)

stuck with one same apple format (This is true)

no 4g (Trust me 4G is worth it if you have it in your area)

Of course there is also the subject of Flash never coming to any iphone, this may or may not be a big deal to you, but that's also something to consider.

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Posted July 20, 2010 - 11:41 AM

apple is giving away free bumpers to fix the reception issue (its nothing too serious really when you fix it)

i was thinking of switching to android (from blackberry), but decided on the iphone.

what got me are the apps. android is still up and coming (in terms of apps), nowhere even near quality of what the iphone has to offer, simply because developers have been at it for longer than android.


#5 leor_77


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Posted July 21, 2010 - 09:11 PM

I personally own an iPhone 4. As far as performance, I think that the HTC Evo wins hands down. Internet browsing speed, program loading speeds, etc. are a bit faster than iPhone 4. Not much, but kind of. The screen is obviously very big. I actually think that the iphone HD video recorder looks better. Sprint over ATT is really, really big actually - ATT is literally jizzing every day that they have exclusivity on iPhone service, because they can continue to stay expensive and provide sub-par service. I'm kind of annoyed at ATT - you can 't buy unlimited data anymore. I am part of a family plan, so I'm not raped as bad as I could be on the phone bill. I haven't had problems with dropped calls honestly, except for when I called someone else with an iphone 4. Facetime is great, but you need WiFi, and you don't always want to see someone and have them see you (sometimes you don't want to pretend to be paying attention).

All in all, I'm VERY happy with my iPhone 4 - I feel that HTC Evo was a little bit big and clanky for my personal taste; The entire operating system, format, etc. is just beautiful; the MP3 player is awesome, as expected. Extremely intuitive phone. Oh, and I have a 3G iPod Touch (will probably sell it soon now that I have an iPhone), the retina display (i.e. resolution) is absolutely beautiful! It's not just your main screen, I compared videos and photos between my 3G iPod Touch and my iPhone 4, and the difference is pretty drastic.

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Posted August 28, 2010 - 10:39 PM

iPhone 4 is better. :rock:

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Posted August 28, 2010 - 10:45 PM

iPhone 4 is better. :rock:

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Posted August 29, 2010 - 02:26 AM

iPhone 4 is better. :rock:

I can finally say this now.

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