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A Solution to the Debt CRISIS!

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Posted May 24, 2010 - 10:27 AM

I propose that besides legalizing weed, there is another way to earn immeasurable amounts of revenue.


Think about how many people play other people on services like X-BOX LIVE and other platforms. People are so overly competitive and confident that they would definitely be willing to throw a few bucks on the line for extra bragging rights.

To deposit money in a persons account, they simply purchase special points that are kept in an online bank, which they can wager on matches of all kinds (think sports games), and cash out for real dollars at any point while in possession.

Add this to the fact that other people would be allowed to bet (online of course) on top ranked players they have been following.

The Government could make a KILLING on this simply by taxing each bet placed online like POKER sites charge a "rake".

EX: Players A and B both wager 10 dollars each on a game of Madden. They each throw in 10.50 instead, as .50 would be the "rake" tax the gov. would take.=20 bucks at stake.

No matter who wins, the Gov. gets $1.00
It may not seem like much, but multiply that by how many people have xbox live and would make bets, then multiply that by how many bets they could throw down a day.

If the wager increases, so would the rake. EX: Players A and B wager 100 bucks a piece on a game of madden. They both wager 100+3. (or whatever is deemed most appropriate by regulations)

Tournaments could also be held just as in poker. Imagine an online Madden Tourney in every state happening EVERY WEEK that could accept up to 500 players. Imagine that in the larger stakes tourneys the buy in would be from 50-100 dollars, with a rake on every single entrant of 2-3 dollars. Lot's of tournaments, lots of money. AND THAT'S ONE GAME.

If your question now is who would actually do this?, then here is your answer. MOST PEOPLE

Seriously. I can't be the only person who knows at least 100 people addicted to online poker. Video games is the same difference. People have a lot of skill, and even more pride. Look at the guy who won 1,000,000 pitching the perfect game in MLB 2K10. Don't you think he might get a few challengers after something like that?

I recently went through 4 years of college, and people bet on video games ALL THE TIME. 20 Dollars, even 50 dollars A MATCH in Super Smash Bros.

Money Example: I'll make this as conservative as possible to persuade nay-sayers. Let's say the system is up and running, and people are registered and have online money. Say over the first month only 100,000 bets are placed. (SMALL amount considering how many game systems are out there, adding to the fact that those who bet would most likely bet more than once.) Do the math on the revenue if each person involved in each bet (2 per bet) were raked $1. 200,000 dollars revenue simply for ALLOWING IT. And as i said that is a seriously conservative amount of bets.

To anyone who wants to read this and immediately say "SORRY GAMBLING ISN'T LEGAL", please save it. This is obviously being stated under the pretense that the Gov. would allow it.

AND if you still say this could never happen......what about JUST allowing it in Las Vegas where gambling IS LEGAL? It would still be a huge revenue draw IMO, and thousands of people would be chomping at the bit to try it.

Any thoughts?

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Posted May 24, 2010 - 03:05 PM

Legalizing gambling, they thought about making casinos and legalizing it in Hawaii. Some of the few reasons why they didn't was because places where there are casinos have higher crime rates...ect. There are always good and bad things about everything, I don't think legalizing weed, or gambling will close the gap of 12 trillion dollars.

Plus, if you legalize gambling, all that money will not go to the nation, most of the money will go to the person running the casinos...ect.

You speaking of tournaments online, there are underground tournaments, I am sure of it. But when you put in 100 dollars, if you win, you expect to win the entire pot. Technically, you are supposed to claim that on your taxes but I doubt anyone will. I entered a football pool where you throw in 15 dollars and the winning pot was over 1000...the person who did the worse go like 300 and there was a BCS pool where if you did the best in that you would win 500. So basically, none of that money put in the pot went to close the debt gap. It was just a fun way of watching football. I came 1 game away from winning the pot.

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