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Your memorable NBA fanatic moments

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Posted September 17, 2008 - 10:38 AM

- The Lakers won three straight titles to begin the decade during the Shaq-Kobe era. However, as memorable and worth-cherishing as the last two were, none of those would have been possible without this nerve-wrecking come from behind victory in the seventh game against Portland.

My heart couldn't help burst in delight watching those replays especially the defining moment of Kobe throwing a lob off to Shaq. What a spectacular play! The crowd was on its feet!

- I've never been a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, however, they have nabbed one of my all-time favorite Laker pasts and one of the best champions in NBA history -- The Big Shot Bob, Robert Horry. In the pivotal Game 5 of the 2005 NBA Finals, Robert Horry added yet another invaluable blueprint to his championship resume --- this time at the expense of the then defending champion, the Detroit Pistons.

- Déjà vu was something Laker fans were hoping to thwart, and thanks to a miraculous play when all else has been said and done, déjà vu never materialized. Having surrendered the crown in the hands of Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs just a year earlier back, the 2003-04 star-laden, vindictive Los Angeles Lakers appeared on the verge of a ghastly repeat. With Tim Duncan having just completed an overwhelmingly disruptive play that has given the Spurs control of the game, and perhaps the series as well, Derek Fisher steps up to demolish San Antonio's party plans -- on a fashion unbelievably one-of-a-kind no less. The Lakers would go on to win the series to go all the way and appear for the fourth time in the NBA Finals under head coach Phil Jackson.

After the game, I got my celfone then dialed one of my friends' number. He said during that time they were on the way home back from Zambales. I screamed mercilessly on the phone, and I guess I broke his ear drums chanting: 3-2 naaaaa!!!! 3-2 naaaa!!!! Panalo Lakers!!!! Derek Fisher with da buzzzzzerrr beaaaaater!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Hahahaahah!

- I think from this point on, the Kings and the entire NBA have finally learned their lesson: never let Robert Horry touch the ball in any game's most critical stages. Up two and couldn't pretty much get a hand on the loosed ball, in the series' most decisive game in which the Lakers have got nothing to lose, Vlade Divac unwittingly tapped the ball as far as he could away from the hoop, directed unfortunately to the wrong person. With the clock ticking away, and delivering just with perfect timing, Robert Horry grabbed the ball and threw a shot that swished instantly through the rim. Instead of going back to Sacramento down 3-1, this play preserved the dynasty for another year.

I remember my sister was sleeping and I crashed the whole thing by screaming hard and dropping everyone out of their dreams back to reality. Wonderful!

- With the Lakers clinging on to 2-1 lead in the best of seven first round series in Game 4 of the 2006 Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns, and in one of the most dramatic games and most dazzling, singular heroic performances in NBA Playoff history: Kobe Bryant rises to the occasion, delivering two thudding daggers on the Suns' necks --- one was to send the pivotal game into overtime, the other for the win and a commanding series lead.

In extreme elation, as usual, I got my fone and conveyed the message to my buddies that the Lakers emerged victorious and now were on the verge of a semifinal hallway series with co-tenant Clippers. Although the ending was indeed disappointing as the Lakers blew the command of the series and were dispatched roughly in the seventh game; the ride nevertheless, highlighted by Bryant's Jordan-esque exhibits, was one to be permanently printed in the hearts and memory of ecstatic, purple and gold bleeding aficionados.

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Posted September 17, 2008 - 11:07 PM

Fisher's .4 seconds and Kobe-Shaq alley-oop are the best "impact" plays of the decade in my opinion. It's scary the dramatic difference between the Staples Center crowd in the 2000 WCF Game 7 and the crowd during this year's Finals. That crowd was the craziest I've ever seen any crowd get during that 4th quarter, that was just flat out awesome. During this year's Finals it felt like they were "golf clapping" when a big play happened.

Derek Fisher permanently owns the Spurs now because of that .4 second shot. After all the jumping around and celebrating the Spurs did and the fans lamenting Tim Duncan as a messianic figure, and Shaq has the "W..T..F..." look on his face, Derek Fisher comes in and does the quick turnaround shot and nothin' but net. The camera flashed to Bruce Bowen's face at the perfect time. Right at that moment he's thinking, :hysterical: .

Looking forward to some more great moments this season, and some more great theatrics coming from Paul Pierce. The Celtics had like 10 Willis Reed imitations during the Finals between Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, to the point it was like watching the Lifetime channel movie network or something where there's always some dramatic scene that seems to happen to cause an eruption of clapping.
"We are the goodest" - Shaq during an interview on ESPN.

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