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Big Surprise - Lakers Rule LA

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#1 Vahan



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Posted September 10, 2008 - 04:42 PM


If your town could save one sports team—college or pro—and the others had to relocate to Vladivostok, Russia, which one would stay?

In Denver, for instance, the fans would keep the Broncos and happily drive all other teams to the airport. Proof: If you added your name to the season-ticket waiting list now, it'd be nearly 190 years before you got a call.

Some cities are easy that way. St. Louis is a Cards town. The Skins own DC, lock, stock and pork barrel. Dallas belongs to the Cowboys, and if you don't believe it you better be wearing steel-toed boots. The rest of America? Glad you asked:

. . .

LOS ANGELES Lakers. The real folks in town—bus drivers, gardeners, school-teachers—own Lakers jerseys. Dodgertown is in Florida. "There's a radio guy here with 'I Slept with Shaq' tattooed on his forehead," marvels Laker Derek Fisher. Think anyone's got "I Slept with Chris Kaman" tattooed on his forehead?

Lakers 08-09 Champs

#2 phifedogg76


    I left my wallet in El Segundo's practice facility

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Posted September 10, 2008 - 04:51 PM

of course, this is a no brainer
Posted Image

Go Lakeshow!!!

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Posted September 10, 2008 - 11:17 PM

He brings up a point I've always hated and that's how people outside of LA view the lakers fanbase. That Laker fans are all stars an glamorous and that they don't care about the game an only care about being seen. You know when people talk Lakers they always say "they have the celebrity and people who want to be seen" crowd while the clippers have the "blue-collar, lunch pale crowd" I've heard that from tv broadcasters when taking about the "rivalry" between Lakers clippers. finally someone in the media witting it like it is

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