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Board Changes (8/18/09)

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Posted August 18, 2009 - 06:23 PM

1) All moderators will still retain their ability to suspend, but it will only be used to suspend spammers (including spam bots). All suspension-worthy incidents on the forums will be directed to the administrators. At that point, all moderators will have absolutely no say in who stays or goes.

This isn't necessarily a good thing for most. Almost every mod, at one point or another, has saved at least one or two memberships here at TLN.

If the administration finds you disruptive or a threat to us building a strong, mature community of basketball fans, it will be up to you to change, and up to us to give you that final opportunity to do so.

2) Deleting multiple posts per day is considered post-padding, and it's against the rules. There's an edit button on every one of your posts that you can use. If your posts come out looking bad after using the Quick Edit option, use a Full Edit. There's a small problem with the character set we're using, and it may be solved with the new board software update, in due time.

You can delete posts. I just don't want to see you deleting a post, then making the same exact post minutes later. If push comes to shove, we can remove the option to delete your posts, possibly per member, or we can even remove individual post counts altogether.

3) If you are found to be discussing a way to stir up trouble on TLN while you're on another site, you'll be permanently banned, along with your IP address. This includes sharing accounts with other non-members and bad-mouthing The Lakers Nation and its staff members in a manner we consider inappropriate and intolerable. Any staff members or regular members are encouraged to show the administration any instances of this taking place.

4) Any plot to overthrow a staff member will be considered a threat to the community, and anyone involved will be up for a permanent ban, no matter where the discussion takes place (ex. on the forums, AIM, on other forums, etc).

5) Guests are no longer allowed to view the off-topic forums. This has been put into place for almost a week. In addition to that, staff forums are strictly for the staff only, and any staff member that shares information from those forums will be demoted immediately, and will serve a two-week suspension.


Just to refresh everyone's memory, the staff is always correct until proven otherwise by the administration. If a topic is locked, there's a good reason for it, and that's not an open door to create another of the same discussion. The moderators were hand-picked by the site owners and myself, and they are in their positions because they have the qualifications we were searching for when adding moderators to the forums.

There is a word left out of the "bad word filter" for a good reason. Most know what it is. Dick Vitale is an incredible basketball mind, and we aren't going to censor his name...but we are going to disallow any other use for the word in the forums other than a name. It's up to you to acknowledge this and implement it into your posting.

Finally, we had one female member request a complete delete of her account two days ago. It's time everyone starts respecting females a bit more here. If they don't want to post a picture, they won't post one. If they don't want you as a friend on Facebook or MySpace, you won't hound them in PM's and on profile comments. If they post a picture and you are sexually attracted to them, you won't state what you want to do to them in the topic.

Everything posted above won't change despite any member feedback, and everything will be put into effect immediately after this post.

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Posted August 18, 2009 - 09:40 PM

Glad you went over a lot of these board changes. =)

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