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Lakers: Is Odom Ariza or Artest (also Gaffney article)

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Posted July 17, 2009 - 03:59 PM

Hey all,

Here is my latest on the Odom saga:

Lakers: Is Odom Ariza or Artest?

Some choice quotes from Ron Artest’s agent, David Bauman, giving a different perspective on fit vs. $.

Also, here’s something put together on Laker Summer Leaguer Tony Gaffney

Vegas: Gaffney Hoping for a Laker Camp Invite

Also, the Zach Randolph/Q Richardson deal is finally complete. I’ll try to put together a Clipper article soon but other than that main fact – I’m still trying to nail down more on what they plan to do the rest of the summer.

Word is they’ll add to the backcourt – possibly Iverson – but maybe a more likely candidate is Ramon Sessions – although he’s a restricted free agent.


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Posted July 17, 2009 - 04:21 PM

Reading the first one I would say Ron's agent has his best interests in mind, knowing that in LA any money he was missing by signing there he could get back because he is in such a high profile city.

I am not in Cali anymore, but I thought I read somewhere that Trevor was all over as far as geting alocal endorsements and just being treated as a bigger star than what he really was just because he was contributing so well to a winning Lakers team. I assumed this was true, but those that live in the area could tell me for sure how much Trevor was out there as far as endorsements in the LA area.

I think the Portland stuff is more rumor than truth. I just don't see him fitting in there at this point with that team. It seems like Miami is the only real other option at this point since he played there are indications were he didn't want to be traded when first traded to the Lakers. Which is understandable since he only had the one year there and had his best season as far as stats.

Sure would be a shame to lose him for nothing, but at this point that is all I really feel about it. I like Odom and all, probably not as much as some of his bigger fans here. But I think the Lakers have been more than fair so far. It sure seems like all his talk about taking less to stay was more talk to get fans on his side.

I think the Lakers will be fine without him, sure not as well off as with him of course, but I don't believe they should just give in to his demands at this point. Just like the Trevor situation.

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