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TLN Guidelines Explained

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Posted July 15, 2009 - 05:22 AM

I suggest everyone takes a few minutes to read this. Once you do, you'll have a better understanding of what we're asking of you here on the forums.

In the last few weeks, we've had some problems. Thing is, they have yet to develop into a monster of situations that the entire staff would have to step into...and the truth is, I'm not going to let them get that far.

Personal attacks are not allowed on any single registered member, veteran or rookie, at TLN. The truth is that you probably will get away with one here or there, because many members could care less if you call them an idiot or foolish, and we don't have 500 moderators reading every single post on the site. However, if a member feels you're being too excessive with them, or someone feels you're derailing a topic, or if the personal attack is a racial slur, you're probably going to get busted. If you don't agree with something, contest it. Don't foul.

Your opinion about any single NBA athlete, or any sports figure, or any celebrity, is welcome. We aren't going to suspend anyone for calling a present or former Laker a worthless player. If you have a problem with this, I challenge you to find one respected and well-known message board that shares your concerns. Fans are allowed to cheer and boo during basketball games. They don't get arrested for it. The fans at TLN are allowed to do the same.

Ganging up on members to get them suspended will not be tolerated. The TLN moderators will find out. We also have contributors and other staff members who also dig into things and discover such immaturity going on, and they will always report it to upper management. From this point on, if such acts are proven to be true, everyone involved will be suspended for durations lasting from one week to a month, depending on the severity.

The staff is 99.9% correct. Why? Because the administration created the rules, and the moderators are advised to enforce them, or they are demoted. If everyone in Los Angeles was a police officer, you could imagine the chaos. In a similar light, if there were absolutely no police officers...you get the picture.

It's amazing how many times I hear how I give warnings to others for no reason. It's amazing because I have never used the warning system my entire time here, and I am very reluctant (as are the moderators) to hand out suspensions and bans. There's one member I recently suspended, during the playoffs, for a couple of days. He may have been surprised to find out that he was unsuspended the night of the next playoff game, just in time to post pre-game, during and after it.

We have...1,600 members and almost 400,000 posts. I would like to know how many of the 1,600 members here have administrated a message board with 400,000 posts. If you've owned a message board for over four years, I'd also like to know. In fact, if you are a global moderator at a basketball message board that has a half a million posts, be sure to kindly PM Nissan and give him suggestions concerning the way he moderates. If you are close to Kobe Bryant and you take his photos during a practice, message Kam and converse with him about how he should improve. If you are personally affiliated with a well-known radio station in Los Angeles, if you're selling Laker-related items in your own online store, if you are running a blog that gets incredible media attention and dominates search engines, if your videos are going to bring you great things in life, there are a few guys named Jim, Chris and Shane that you may want to PM.

My point is, you can be a 14-year old genius, a 29-year old political figure or a 50-year old war veteran, and when we decide we need to let you run the show in your math contest, your political press conferences, or your weekly war storytelling events, we'll let you do what you do best.

Let us do what we do best.

It's 7:30 AM at this very minute, my time. I have finished checking database tables for the forums, repairing 12 of them separately, deleting unnecessary logs, running through staff member activity, and now typing this up. I have yet to go to sleep. I don't get paid to do anything here, and I don't get forced to do it. I could leave tomorrow. Kam could leave and do his own thing. Shane could decide not to talk to any affiliations, downgrading his marketing role on TLN.

It's true that the members put us here. Those 400,000 posts are yours. The community created TLN.

However, the staff endures it...not because we really have to, but because if we didn't, members would have no reason to be here. Board updates would be history. An SQL error would hit without any admins dipping into the database to repair the corrupted table. No database backups. Nobody to close duplicate topics, merge anything, be a mediator between two members, ban spammers posting shoe ads, and the list goes on.

In a way, like most successful message boards, TLN is pro-life. We allow guests to read articles and discussions, we suspend before we ban, and we do what's necessary to keep you here. We encourage mature basketball discussion, allow off-topic discussion, and do our best to listen to your suggestions posted in their own forum.

When your day or night is up, and you're upset about a signature limit, or a member blasting your favorite player, or you just don't find yourself wanting to be on TLN, ask yourself if it's really worth it to risk other members dodging your posts, thinking bad about you, calling you out, or the moderators watching your every move after your suspicious activity. The last time I looked, TLN is free for you to join and discuss basketball at, and hundreds of dollars a month to keep running on its own dedicated server.

Let us do what we do best. You can't expect our wishes to change. I'm not going to drop years of coding, design and business management skills to try and do what Chris Manning does, and he wouldn't do the opposite.

Most of you are excellent posters, some having the potential to be. Online, that may be what you do best. We'll let you do that in return.

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