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We weren't prepared for Denver

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Posted May 20, 2009 - 03:33 PM

Our inconsistency on both ends. Poor interior defense (they were basically strolling in for open dunks). Inability to put in good effort for a full game.

Well I didn't say Pau got zero touches, but he hardly got any. I don't think you watched the same game as everyone else. You're credibility was shot when you not only tried to discredit Phil, you discredited him for things he was right about. Further arguing is pointless since you are unable to see any faults in this team.

first of all. having credibility on a MB is laughable. Second of all, PJ says some ridiculous things. 3rdly, why get pau the ball when he isnt where he needs to be.

i see plenty of faults in this team. However, in a game with minimal prep time. Against the hottest team off of a ton of rest, my guys after the 1st qt, banged on the ground and grinded the life out of the nuggs. Period.

My guy was the leading RB's guy both ways (D/O)
My guys best trumped the other teams best
My guy at the end of a game where he was getting eaten up made a huge play
My guy whos shot has been off hit a huge one
My coach did something he has said he doesnt do

gutty, gritty, lucky, stole one. Whatever. We choked them out because of our refusal and relentlessness
Kobe's official reign of terror is about to get its jump off on.

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Posted May 20, 2009 - 03:43 PM

How come nobodies talking bout the refs? Joe Derosa, Tony Brothers & Scott Foster called 52 fouls! 26 fouls for each team. this is above average number of fouls. This is the WCF. The intencity is high. So they must let them play and not control the game so much.

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Posted May 20, 2009 - 08:24 PM

Wow, Laker fans....its the Celtic series that has everyone still critical of this team.
Soft? everytime a team's frontcourt has success against us, were soft. No soft is the fouling those Nuggets did in the closing moments of the game. And no Kobe should not HAVE to do that every game, but he wont. But when you are the best, or top 3 in the world, you will have a ew games like that in the playoffs. Stop reading stats and trying to be a basketball analyst, because most of you(and me) suck at it. LA had a great win. One game at a [expletive]in time, chill the [expletive] out.

BTW- The celtics had KG,Powe,Perkins,PJ and Posey...vs. Pau and Odom.....thats not a fair fight. They were all out better than us, We are justr as good as any team left, that wont happen this year
We could lose, but it wont be like last year.
But like I said chill out, Kobe doing THAT makes us even better. Pau will step it up. Bynum will step it up every few games. Odom will score easier some nights and Brown didnt even have his usual, we started off slow, figured them out and made the last run. FISH and ARIZA were clutch. Pau hit two big FTS and made two defensive plays. The team won the game, Kobe was just the offense for us. Im glad to know that he is STILL capable of that type of production.

Also, the Laker team of a few years ago, would not have won that Game. Kwame's best was how Gasol played last night. Smush's best isnt equal to the BIG shots that Fisher hit.
Again - this team, as currently constructed won't make it out of the second round of the playoffs, let alone the West or win the Finals.---fido on 2011 Lakers

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Posted May 20, 2009 - 11:49 PM

LMAO, I can't wait to play Game 2 like we did Game 1. I will be utterly pissed off if we play as good as we did in Game 5 versus the Rockets. No chance in hell I'll root for a blowout win.


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