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Opposing Fan Reaction: vs. Raptors 11/30/14 (Pg. 118)

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#2381 Majesty


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Posted December 13, 2014 - 01:08 AM


Quote: Please Lakers dont take it so seriously, its just a game


Quote: You better believe Kobe is going for the record tonight. He is going to be launching tonight. He might even get it. Will do it while losing by 20 though.


Quote: Spurs win but Pop gives Black Mamba the 31 pts.


Quote: What's the over/under on Kobe shot attempts? 50?


Quote: Trap game. Kobe going off on his teammates is guaranteed to make them play harder this game than usual. Expect a dogfight until the late stages of the game, when the Spurs pull away in the 4th.

1st half 

Quote: wish we could play the Lakers every night tbh


Quote: haha game over


Quote: all the years laker fans [expletive]d about Fisher now have to put up with watching Ronnie Price.


Quote: Kobe doesn't show up for practice? I thought he was one of the hardest workers in the game.


Quote: I actually think we can keep them under 50 if refs don't (bleep) it up


Quote: Spurs should take a 20-30 point lead, then let Kirbs do his record thing, tbh


Quote: Jelemy Rin is still using that ugly mohawk from the Rockets gang?


Quote: Struggling against the Lakers.


Quote: Spurs coasting another game smh


Quote: Lol Swaggy P trying to prove himself to Kobe.


Quote: After the first 3 minutes of the game, it looked like we were on our way to blowing them out by 30.


Quote: I'm getting the Laker feed and it's turning my stomach. I have to hear that Kobe is with MJ the best 2 players ever... 
Forgetting all the great players on other teams, it's funny that the Laker faithful put Kobe ahead of Kareem and Magic....


Quote: Rin plays with a raging boner against the Spurs


Quote: The Spurs right now are just a terrible basketball team. Just awful. I don't even recognize this team right now.


Quote: Any team but LA. I want kobe to suffer ass kicking after ass kicking lol


Quote: Nick Young going off on us right now


Quote: its like Mark Jackson has a bet with a friend of how many times he can say the world "basketball" during a broadcast


Quote: Spurs getting roasted by Swaggy P. This is just pathetic.


Quote: Everybody sucking Nick Young [expletive]. Get the (bleep) outta here. You can not look me straight in the face and say those are good shots. Those are horrible (bleep) shots..


Quote: they're like 80% from 3??? this is nuts


Quote: We needed another loss against a lottery team. Brooklyn and Utah weren't enough apparently.


Quote: This (bleep) is just (bleep) embarrassing.


Quote: Spurs are going to smash these (bleep) in the second half.


Quote: chill... we're winning this game


Quote: Everyone freaking out. Those fluke ass Laker 3's arent going in in the 2nd half. Theyll probably go 5/16 in the 2nd half...


Quote: so much for Scott's dislike for the 3 point shot

2nd half 

Quote: (bleep) scrubs still going off


Quote: So much for the shooting being a fluke...


Quote: Why is Wesley Johnson showboating like he doesn't know his team is gonna lose this game?


Quote: LAMO Anderson scoring for the other team. XD XD XD


Quote: Grrrr.....my mood is worsening.


Quote: I watch a lot of Lakers games living in LA... 
And these Lakers scrubs are all having the games of their lives on the same night... smh


Quote: Ok, now we've hit bottom. This is (bleep) embarrassing.


Quote: Why the (bleep) is Parker not dominating? The Lakers have the worst defense in the league and absolutely no rim protection.


Quote: i'm still confident we win this game. I feel kobe is going for that record and turn into Doc Holiday during the 4th.


Quote: Jeremy Lin's (bleep) is still falling


Quote: Manu, with the nutmeg attempt. Nutted Sacre, instead.


Quote: Why do we always seem to make scrubs like Wesley Johnson and Nick Young look like superstars? This is a pathetic effort so far.


Quote: Whoa Kobe 19 pts now guys 
12 moreg to go


Quote: Lmao, blow this (bleep) team up. Gonna lose to the Lakers. Lol


Quote: This is downright pathetic at home. Spurs suck. Not gonna be a playoff team.


Quote: Spurs falling apart


Quote: Swaggy P taking a fat (bleep) on the Spurs.


Quote: If we lose this game, Pop should strip them of their rings.


Quote: Pathetic. Just pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I cannot understate how pathetic this is.


Quote: This is depressing, a team with a horrible records goes to SA to play like the dream team, sounds familiar?


Quote: I'm legitimately embarrassed to be watching this (bleep) right now. Down by 11 at HOME to one of the worst Lakers teams of all-time. This is just (bleep) sad. 
We better at least show some[expletive]ing fight in the 4th. If we lose by double digits to this (bleep) team...wow.


Quote: Big 3 need to I do not agree with your opinion.. All of em. Trade Parker. Tank for who ever. Players who don't play D need to I do not agree with your opinion..


Quote: Jeremy Lin is better offensively than every player on the Spurs tonight. That's pathetic.


Quote: I really wish Kobe was in the game so we could get some easy stops


Quote: We look a little charmin soft tonight lol


Quote: Our best chance is when Bricker comes back to try his (bleep) record if not this is a horrible defeat.


Quote: Can't make a basket


Quote: The good thing is the more the Lakers win, the closer they are to losing their 2015 draft pick lol


Quote: Bakers had 4 consecutive TOs and Spurs cant get a [expletive]ing point.


Quote: They need to be up by 5 with 3 minutes to play because Kobe is just waiting to take over!


Quote: This just shows how pathetic the Spurs are... Trying to come back into this game at home against the [expletive] Lakers.


Quote: Gosh the Spurs are such scrubs..I still can't believe THIS team won the championship..talk about flash in the pan..


Quote: Game over.


Quote: Spurs are really about to lose this [expletive] game


Quote: Spurs getting absolutely ass (bleep) in the paint. Ho Lee (bleep).


Quote: Well good game, Laker fans earned this one. What is it now, 13 more games until they lose the draft pick?


Quote: Here comes the SpursTalk meltdown...


Quote: Worst loss of the season, falling to the lowly Lakers. What an absolute disgrace. Pathetic. Embarrassing. Disgusting. Pitiful. I can't even.


Quote: Maybe Kobe will throw away a possession or two just to give us OT so he can get to 30 points.


Quote: lol Kobe will definitely explode if Lakers lost this game


Quote: bang!!!




Quote: Holy (bleep)




Quote: ESPN really can't cut the mic by that stupid [expletive] that's been yelling the whole game?


Quote: we don't deserve to win this


Quote: Manu please don't brick these you crazy son of a [expletive]




Quote: Spurs are gonna lose at the buzzer. I can feel it.


Quote: Kobe's taking this shot. Quadruple-team him.




Quote: [expletive]in' Kobe, why would he take the shot? Why would they have him take the shot? HE HASN'T MADE A CLUTCH SHOT ALL SEASON!


Quote: [expletive] lets steal this one


Quote: anyway, what a chokejob by the lakers


Quote: so we basically play hard for 3 mins and send this to OT? Can we play the OT hard too?


Quote: We're gonna lose this. Our old guys are gassed.


Quote: Great. Have to sit through another 5 minutes of this (bleep) game and likely watch Kirby pass Jordan on the way to victory.


Quote: Grrr more chances for Kobe beating MJ's record


Quote: I do not agree with your opinion. hill u piece of (bleep)


Quote: This is the Nets game all over again. Too little, too late.


Quote: How embarrassing




Quote: someone shut that [expletive](rhymes with rich) up




Quote: Game over.


Quote: nick young acting like he something. no talent (bleep)


Quote: SWAGGY P 
[expletive] YOU [expletive]


Quote: (bleep) Swaggy P from midcourt.... this (bleep)


Quote: Another Lakers big shot hit over Manu lol


Quote: This is the most hilarious loss of the season.


Quote: thats just bad, laker team is historically bad. [expletive]ing shameful


Quote: This Spurs team won't even make the playoffs. [expletive]ing pathetic team. Blow it up.


Quote: (bleep) P acting like won the Finals. [expletive]ing [expletive].

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#2382 JGuez


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Posted December 13, 2014 - 01:14 AM

lol people overreact so much. Spurs not making the playoffs? Sheesh.

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Posted December 13, 2014 - 01:59 AM

 laker team is historically bad.


wtf ?

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Posted December 13, 2014 - 08:30 AM

 laker team is historically bad.


wtf ?


 laker team is historically bad.


wtf ?


Prior to this game, we had the worst defense in NBA history.

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Posted December 13, 2014 - 12:19 PM

 laker team is historically bad.


wtf ?


#2386 Majesty


    Luol Deng's cousin is awesome. Thanks for the pizza!!

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Posted December 13, 2014 - 12:20 PM

thread title change :D 

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Posted December 13, 2014 - 06:12 PM

chicken littles

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Posted December 13, 2014 - 08:15 PM

Lol. Some of those fans went into panic mode over this loss.

#2389 Disaster in Paradise

Disaster in Paradise

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Posted December 14, 2014 - 12:30 PM

Don't tell me I missed the screaming San Antonio woman on the ESPN broadcast!

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Posted December 23, 2014 - 10:37 PM

lol can't wait for this next one

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Posted December 24, 2014 - 03:33 AM

Feed me baby!

#2392 Mehran The Great

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Posted December 24, 2014 - 10:11 AM

Let's get that warrior feedback

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Posted December 24, 2014 - 10:56 AM

in for the rainbow coalition known as the Warriors fans....."who's yummier Steph or Klay?"

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Posted December 25, 2014 - 10:01 PM

^ you saying warrior fans are gay ?

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