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Agents Encouraging 2010 Free Agents To Sign Extensions?

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Posted March 10, 2009 - 11:06 AM

Agents for potential 2010 free agents are starting to consider urging their clients to sign contract extensions this summer rather than taking a chance in free agency, Sam Smith writes on his blog on bulls.com.

The reason? The faltering economy. And the chance of change with the Collective Bargaining Agreement being re-opened.

"I'd think every prudent representative would be sitting down his guys and explaining there could be a lockout, a new CBA (collective bargaining agreement), and there's always the injury component," said former agent and Chicago based attorney George Andrews. "That maybe it's time to lock in security now. I don't see the CBA going up in any shape or form. You are unlikely to get more years than you can now and there's a pretty good chance the maximum salary would go down in a new CBA. You might even (with an extension this summer) get some language so you'd get paid if there is a lockout, something of a tradeoff for extending now. And from a team standpoint, you could tie up your best guy and he would not be any more difficult to trade if you wanted to go that way."


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