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Posted March 10, 2009 - 06:54 AM

I hear alot of people call us soft, and whilst I agree, I think we are getting the definitions of "soft" mixed up.

There are two kinds of strength:

1. Physical Strength = How bulked your muscles are and your frame in general.

2. Mental Strength = Your mental toughness, your resilience, your discipline and your motivation.

What the Lakers lack is part physical strength, but alot mental strength. When you see a guard out rebound a Center, it is clearly not physical strength that got him that board, it's the fact that he wanted it more.

When the Lakers lose to so called "lesser" teams, our lack of mental strength is to be blamed, not our physical strength. We lack the finishing touch. Our players lack motivation.

Our players are actually quite physically tough, but they blow things in their head.

Some teams have a player, that doesn't put up great stats but this player just makes things "work" and always comes through when things get tough, well this is the type of player that is mentally "tough". A guy like Kobe, who can always be counted on to win us games, he is a "tough" player.

THe only players the Lakers have that are mentally tough are: Kobe, Fish and Gasol. This quite frankly is not good enough. Mentally tough players don't blow big leads in the NBA Finals, or lose to teams like the Bobcats or get destroyed by the Blazers.

Mental toughness will win us 70 games, phyical toughness will not...
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Posted March 10, 2009 - 07:11 AM

So true but i wouldn't put Pau in the same catagory as Kobe & Fish. Not just yet. He shouldn't need Kobe to remind him how good he is during a huge game. Once we have a mental break down, thats usually it for us.
And physically, we need Bynum back to compete with the other bigs. Pau can't do it and be expected to be the #2 option. I don't feel he's that strong.


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Posted March 10, 2009 - 10:54 AM

If we were "mentaly soft" we should have lost by 30 last night... We made a run and if it wasn't for Sasha's 2 or 3 consecutive fouls we really had a chance to cut the lead. We are not mentaly soft, because we never give up !

We're not as strong as we're with Bynum, but calling the Lakers "soft" is a bit overreacting... Yes the loss was quite frustrating, but it's not right to bring the "Gasoft" "Odumb" and oder stupid nicknames back. This won't help the team, it won't make us feel better... Let's not be bandwagon fans ! The only think we can do as fans is to get pumped up for the next game and follow the team through good and bad. And the team needs to learn from it's mistakes and everything is going to be fine ! It is simple as that...

Go Lakers ! :rock:

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