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NBA Bans Wade's Stylish Band-Aids

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Posted February 28, 2009 - 02:20 PM

The NBA informed the Heat on Friday that Dwyane Wade can no longer wear his stylish bandages on the court.

Wade can wear the bandage beneath his left eye if necessary, but he isn't allowed to place any special logos or text on them.

"We have a rule that players are not permitted to display any identification [promotional or otherwise] during games on their body, hair, etc.," league representative Tim Frank wrote in an e-mail to the Miami Herald.

Wade wasn't surprised by the league's reaction.

"I don't really have anything to say. I expected it," he said through a team spokesman.


#2 purple_and_gold_fever


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Posted February 28, 2009 - 02:23 PM

What about Marbury's tattoo on his head? :unsure:

#3 Air Apparent

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Posted February 28, 2009 - 02:48 PM

nba is wack..all the heat fans should wear that to the games from now on

you gonna let rip wear the mask (for no medical reason..he just got used to it)..and not let wade wear his full tights (which was his thing..and last year he was told to stop), you gonna let players wear wrist bands and what not with the player's numbers on it...AND you're gonna allow marbury to play in the nba (on the celtics) with a star on his head..

if ur gonna make a rule..make sure it is implemented equally...at least wade isn't covered in ink like most nba players

yes...im a fan of the band-Wade's


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Posted February 28, 2009 - 04:24 PM

What a dumb rule.

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Posted February 28, 2009 - 04:53 PM

What a dumb rule.

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Posted February 28, 2009 - 05:21 PM

We want the band-Wades!

Vap is amazing


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Posted February 28, 2009 - 05:29 PM

Lmao. OWNED!

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Posted February 28, 2009 - 05:58 PM

saw the article on yahoo
it is pretty stupid for them to do this, i mean what is really the problem with a player wearing his own name. sounds like the nba just trying to flex there power.. too bad they picked a really dumb way to do it

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Posted February 28, 2009 - 06:55 PM

What about Marbury's tattoo on his head? :unsure:

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Posted February 28, 2009 - 06:57 PM

That's style?
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