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Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (2/4)

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Posted February 05, 2009 - 02:51 AM

Sandy (Charlottesville, VA) : Draft time. Where do you see Greg Monroe going? I'm very impressed.

SportsNation Chad Ford: He probably goes 2 to 4. Right now he's No. 2 on our big board and everyone's impressed. It's more based on potential right now, but the potential is incredible.

Clark (Durham, NC): Is the Wall kid from N. Carolina clearly the best player for the 2010 year, or will it be a pretty deep draft?

SportsNation Chad Ford: I don't know that I'd say "clearly" but he's one of the best players. Some of it depends on who declares for this years draft. If Ricky Rubio, for example, doesn't declare, he could be No. 1. But Wall is special. Reminds me a little of Derrick Rose.

Clark (Durham, NC): What is Gerald Henderson Jr's ceiling as an NBA player?

SportsNation Chad Ford: In December I would've said 11th or 12th man on a NBA roster. But he's been fantastic in January and I think has a good shot of going first round. Ceiling? I don't know, maybe Michael Pietrus?

Brian (Sacramento, CA): Draft question - what has Demar Derozan done so far this year to prove he can play at the NBA level next year?

SportsNation Chad Ford: Nothing ... He has a NBA body, elite athleticism and a great rep coming out of high school. But for the most part, I haven't been blown away with anything he's done at USC. He doesn't seem to have the aggressiveness he needs to be great.

Mark (Indy): I know it's still a little early but in this year's draft does it look like there is going to be much of a difference between having the 4th pick and having the 12th? It just doesn't look like there are a lot of top of the line players out there this year ..

SportsNation Chad Ford: That's right. Blake Griffin has the chance to be great. So does Greg Monroe and Ricky Rubio. After that I think there is a lot of talent, but not superstar talent. I'm not even sure it's starting talent. I think many of the guys we have listed in the lottery could turn out to be role players in the NBA.

Joe (Winston-Salem, NC): Aminu and Teague get most of the media attention for the Deacs, but what are your thoughts on James Johnson's potential now that we're into the season? He's arguably been their most consistent player, and he has the size, skills, and team-oriented kind of play to have a real impact in the league. Might we be talking about him as a lottery prospect come draft night? Thanks!

SportsNation Chad Ford: He has a lot of talent. Scouts really like him. There are some questions about his decision making. Every game he seems to make some pretty questionable plays on both ends of the floor, but the talent is there. I'm not sure he's a lottery prospect right now, but he's probably a first rounder this year. Maybe lottery with another year in school.

Tom (Mpls): What are the chances Thabeet actually becomes a legitimate NBA player?

SportsNation Chad Ford: Personally ... I think it's around 50 percent. His length and shot blocking ability give him a good chance of sticking as a defensive center. But his offense? Ugh. But to be clear, scouts tend to be higher on him than I am.


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