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A Message to fellow Laker fans at TLN...

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Posted February 03, 2009 - 02:51 AM

What happened the other night against the Grizzlies was really tough to take for ALL of us. I can't imagine how Andrew felt going down like that again and I can't imagine how Kobe felt listening to Andrew scream the way he did... I know I sat here experiencing deja vu all over again not believing what I was seeing. I'm sure you guys have all been depressed since then not knowing how to deal with this dilemma... well, I just want to remind everyone (not that I need to) how fortunate we all are as fans of the Los Angeles Lakers to experience such a DOWN from the other night and then to witness such greatness today as Kobe dropped a historical 61 point performance at the MSG. Not too many franchises have the power and the ability to find light in a tough situation like this no matter how hard they try. We are so blessed and fortunate to be Laker fans at this moment in time.

As we have all heard, Bynum will be back hopefully in 8-12 weeks. He's done this before... Andrew as well as our training staff know EXACTLY what must be done to bring him back to full strength. If anything, this will be an easier recovery time for Andrew, as he is a veteran to this kind of injury. Hopefully they've figured many things out from last season that will better treat Bynum's injury.

It doesn't help for us fans to be sitting in our own poop piles being angry and upset about what happened... we're still in the 1st place, and we have 2 amazing all stars on our team. This exact team was the one that made it to the finals last year... we are BETTER today than we were from last season, especially with addition of Ariza and Powell. And most importantly we've gotten mentally tougher. Let's keep our chins up and keep a positive look out. It's this kind of challenge that makes winning even more worthwhile... without any kind of difficulties along the road, the victory at the end is not as fulfilling. Learn to appreciate and enjoy what we have at the moment, because let's face it... we're the most spoiled fans on this planet. We're the lucky ones.

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